The best guide for your first hike

Before you go to relax in nature, you need to think through all the nuances:

  • how will you set up camp;
  • what is useful for an overnight stay;
  • ways to protect from mosquitoes and other insects;
  • how to make a fire;
  • what food is suitable for a snack, and what is suitable for dinner;
  • what you will do during your hours of outdoor recreation and much more.

We advise you to make a list in advance, familiarize all the members of the event with it, if necessary, supplement it in accordance with your wishes, and then cross out the excess, as excess weight in bags will become a significant burden.

After you are done with preparation, you can get ready so as not to forget anything. And in this article, we will tell you what you need to take on a hike and what things are most necessary.

Travel preparation

The key to spending good days in nature is a properly assembled backpack, which will fit all the universal and practical objects in everyday life. Do not overload yourself because otherwise, you won’t be able to move quickly.

When making fees, consider many factors. To get started, be sure to build your tourist route and check the area on the map. It is worth calculating the approximate travel time, and the expected stops, which you need to get to before dark. Be sure to share your itinerary with close relatives. In preparation for the tour, pay attention also to:

  1. The age of friends. If elderly people or children are traveling with you, daily movements will be significantly reduced.
  2. The number of people in attendance. This depends on the size of the tents and their number. A set of food is also calculated.
  3. Season of the year. Choose the right equipment and materials from which it is made. It is important not to freeze in winter, and not to overheat in the heat.
  4. The relief of the area. Various boots are appropriate for mountainous plains and forests. Soft ground does not require a hard platform, while rocks and stones are overcome only in trekking shoes.

For convenient and fast movement along the planned route with a fairly comfortable speed, the weight of a backpack for men should not exceed thirty kilograms, and for women – fifteen.

Road and camping

An example is a map with a route, a compass, comfortable shoes, walking sticks, a navigator, and a flashlight. That’s all you need on the road.

It is appropriate to include a sleeping bag and foam in this category. Sleeping bags vary in size: from children’s specimens to adults. The label also indicates the minimum air temperature at which it will be comfortable to sleep inside the product. The mats are very lightweight, so they won’t make it difficult for you to move. However, in the parking lot, you will be glad that you took them – they prevent the penetration of cold.

To stay in the forest for the night, take a tent with you on the road. Its size is determined depending on the number of people. Modern models are very compactly packed and quickly disassembled. It is best that it has two layers. The top will protect from dew and rain.

To make a fire, you should take matches and paper with you, with which you can kindle brushwood. If there is a risk that there is no dry firewood in the forest, then it will be important to grab the ignition fluid. Remember that according to the legislation of the Russian Federation it is forbidden to kindle a fire on the ground, so take a folding brazier. So you can comfortably control the fire and also heat water or fry meat.

What food to take with you?

At the halt, you will need a knife, cutlery, a cutting board, disposable tableware, skewers, seasonings, cereals, canned food, meat, and drinks. We advise you to take non-carbonated water. It best quenches thirst and saves from heat. If you plan to travel for a long time, then there is a need to bring a gas burner with you. It is very convenient to quickly heat food with it.

Do not take perishable products, carefully study the expiration date and storage conditions on the package. If the event takes place in the summer, a cooler bag will become a topical item.

Required equipment

The tourist will need the following items:

  • First aid kit
  • Phone to call for help if needed
  • Camera
  • Flashlights from
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Entertainment equipment: a fishing rod with baits, card and board games, the above sports equipment
  • Tourist clothing
  • Hiking clothes

If you have a question about what you need to take with you on a hike from the list of things for a tourist, stop at the most basic things that you cannot do without. Anything else that you don’t need will only add extra weight and interfere with movement in mountainous terrain and steep hills.

Be sure to choose T-shirts, socks and other underwear with thermal protection. Wear a T-shirt without seams under a sweater with sleeves, as they can create discomfort when wearing a backpack and rub your shoulders.

In the hot and stuffy summer period, it is better to take shorts and trousers from hiking clothes for the evening. It will not impede your movement, it will protect against direct sunlight on the skin and insects that can harm your health and general condition. In order not to harm yourself and not spoil the rest, it is also advisable to take a protective cream with you.

What to wear for hiking?

Going to the mountains and collecting things for a hike in the forest, pay attention to the prepared outerwear. It should protect you from wind and all kinds of precipitation. For winter travel, ski suits marked “tex” are suitable. They do not impede movement and perfectly retain body temperature.

Suits for winter sports and tourism are suitable for all the above requirements, designed specifically for outdoor activities and can be purchased at any online store. Here you can pick up what you need: overalls that protect from wind and snow, down jackets and equipment sets.

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