Street Woman Fighter Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Street Woman Fighter Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Many people are paying attention to the show since it has a star-studded cast, especially since Mnet, known for its reality shows, is in control.

The most recent examples include “Kingdom,” “Show Me The Money,” “I-LAND,” “Queendom,” “Produce 101,” and others. They are well-known in the business for their intense survival reality series.

In advance of Street Woman Fighter, Mnet is launching “Girls Planet 999,” a new girl-group survival show.

The 10th season from Mnet’s hip-hop survival reality series “Show Me the Money” is scheduled to begin once Street Woman Fighter wraps up.

There is a lot of anticipation for Street Woman Fighter Season 3 among lovers of dance competitions because it will undoubtedly live up to the high standards set by the first two seasons.

After the second season more the program was published in August, the third season is currently receiving a lot of attention.

We are here to provide all the most up-to-date information and specifics on the third season and any potential future developments in the huge, well-known series.

Street Woman Fighter’s season finale is soon, so it’s important to take a look back at the entire season to recognize these remarkable women.

The path each crew underwent to reach the final four, where they will compete for the title of “Best Female Street Dance Crew” on October 26.

The first season of the same-named dance competition franchise from South Korea is referred to as Street Woman Fighter, or SWF for short.

Beginning on August 24, 2021, it broadcast on Mnet every Tuesday at 22:20 KST till it ended on October 26, 2021.

Eight female dance crews competed to be the greatest female dance crew in Korea and represent street dance around the nation.

HolyBang, the winning team, won 50 million, a Budweiser endorsement, and the Street Woman Fighter trophy.

A second season, Street Fighter, with the same premise but male contestants, would come after the first season.

Street Woman Fighter 2, the third season, follows the same plotline as the previous season but with new teams.

Street Woman Fighter Season 3 Release date

The third season is anticipated to air sometime in 2024 because the show has not yet been officially renewed and the first two seasons were released one year apart.

Street Woman Fighter Season 3 Cast

The dance judges of this season are:

Shownu (Monsta X)

Monika (Prowdmon)

In addition to the two dance judges, there are special judge(s) for every mission:

Mike Song (Kinjaz) (No Respect, Battle of the Weakest and Class)

Bae Yoon-jung (K-pop Death Match and First Elimination Battle)

Rie Hata (Mega Crew)

Aiki (Hook) (Mega Crew and Second Elimination Battle)

Honey J (Holy Bang) and Trix (Prime Kingz) (Battle Performance Mission)

Street Woman Fighter Season 3 Trailer

Street Woman Fighter Season 3 Plot

The dance competition is between eight female crews, and while it gets interesting to watch as everything of the crews give their best to secure their spot in the next rounds, Street Woman Fighter was presented as an amateur dance show in South Korea, where it went on to gain a lot for fame in a short period of time when it made its debut back in 2021.

The rounds of competition amongst the dance groups might determine which is the best female dance squad in Korea.

In addition to this, the group would have the chance to represent the street dancing competition that will be held in the nation.

In addition to getting W50 million in total, the winning team will also sign a sponsorship agreement with Budweiser, and of course, they will also receive the main trophy.

Viewers are already anticipating the third season’s arrival along with formal announcements after the second season returned to the screens with fresh crews.

The second season’s finale has not yet been made public. However, the previous episode 8, which featured a last-person-standing competition, demonstrated how the round became even more fierce.

The judges will reveal the previous round’s winner in the upcoming program, which has not yet been done.

With the type of task that will be presented to the crew, the final two episodes of the show will be even more exciting to cover.

The franchise said that they will be returning with a fresh look; nevertheless, it is possible that there may be mixed crews of men and women or a different theme in the third season, which will be another intriguing aspect to watch.

Without a sure, the dance competition may showcase some of the freshest and most skilled crews, but the stage can prove a little challenging owing to the shift in perspective.

It is anticipated that the 2019 season would include some mixed crews, meaning that men and women may participate in select crews to fight for the trophy and the top reward.

With these decisions, the program is moving in a new direction, and it will be intriguing to see how things develop from here. Votes have already begun to come in, and the judges’ plan was well received by the audience.

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