Venom 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know Far

Just a couple of years ago, the idea of a “Venom” movie on its own, almost completely detached from the “Spider-Man” area of the Marvel universe, could have looked ridiculous. Since then, the symbiotic antihero has become one of the most important characters in Sony’s Marvel lineup and the star of a billion-dollar series thanks to the success of “Venom” in 2018 and “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” in 2021.

There are two main reasons for the show’s popularity. First, since his debut in the 1980s, Venom has been considered to be Spider-Man’s most well-liked enemy. Second, Tom Hardy gives two fantastically wacky performances as the tense reporter Eddie Brock and his ever-hungry symbiote, and he completely controls both characters. When will we get to see this deadly duo again, though? Looks like our alien hero needs to refuel on chocolate (or human brains), since “Venom 3” is on the horizon, and here’s all we know about the impending superhero flick.

Venom 3 Release Date

The release date for Venom 3 is set for Friday, July 12, 2024. The film’s release date was bumped up from October 2024 due to a scheduling reshuffle at Sony Pictures. Fans shared recordings of Tom Hardy shooting Venom 3 in Los Mateos, Cartagena, Spain (see the video here) while wearing a Hawaiian shirt before the 2023 Actors Strike started.

We believe the July 2024 release date is ambitious, considering how effects-intensive the Venom movies tend to be. We anticipate this one being delayed and will keep you informed as we learn more.

Venom 3 Cast

Kelly Marcel, who directed and wrote the previous two films, will helm the third. Those who have seen and appreciated the previous two films and are looking for more of the same in the third will be pleased to hear this. In terms of the narrative, it seems like Stephen Graham’s Detective Mulligan might play a larger part as Toxin. Mulligan seems to be dying near the conclusion of the sequel, but his eyes glow blue, suggesting something sinister may be occurring.

If Mulligan does become Toxin, he, Brock, and Venom will be in direct confrontation with one another. Michelle Williams’s Anne Weying, Reid Scott’s Dr. Dan Lewis, and other recurring characters have all been the subject of fan theories regarding a future comeback. These actors were crucial in the previous movie; their return might be important in fending off the new dangers.

Given that Venom ate Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady’s skull in the last film, it’s quite improbable that Harrelson would return to the character. In the superhero genre, where characters are often resurrected, anything goes.

Venom 3 Plot

The highs and lows of Eddie Brock’s life are paralleled by those of the extraterrestrial symbiote that inhabits him. Meanwhile, Eddie and Anne’s relationship comes to an end. In the sequel, Eddie faces up against Carnage, who has been possessed by yet another extraterrestrial being.

The plot of Venom 3, the sequel to Venom 2, has not yet been revealed. However, Venom 3 will include both Venom and Spider-Man, as director Andy Serkis stated in an interview with Dexerto. Tom Hardy, who portrayed Eddie Brock, has acknowledged the existence of Venom 3 on Instagram and expressed his enthusiasm for returning as Eddie and Venom, causing more confusion amongst Venom moviegoers.

There have even been rumors that Sony-owned Spider-Man supporting characters Anti-Venom and Jackpot may make an appearance, although at this point it all seems like wishful thinking. The rumor that Owen Wilson will make an appearance as Mobius has also been unfounded.

Hardy uploaded a picture of himself ranting at a wolf on the set of Venom 3, and it has us wondering whether there is another option. Is this a clue that Venom will be pitted against the Lobo Cartel, a gang of werewolves in the Marvel universe? There have been stranger occurrences.

Venom 3 Crew

The first “Venom” was directed by “Zombieland” helmer Ruben Fleischer, while Andy Serkis took the reins for the sequel. Are any of these directors planning to return for the insanity that is “Venom 3?” Well, it seems like the third film will be directed by a newcomer who has been instrumental to the success of the “Venom” films.

Kelly Marcel, who co-authored the first two films and wrote the third one by herself, will serve as director. According to reports, Marcel and Hardy really feel each other when it comes to the unique qualities of Venom and agree on the direction the character should follow. So, Marcel is not only directing “Venom 3,” but also writing the narrative based on a scenario she and Hardy created together.

Venom 3 Trailer

If the present release schedule holds, we might expect to see the Venom 3 teaser in early 2024. The movie has hit some snags due to the current Hollywood strikes, so don’t expect any new footage anytime soon. The currently planned release in July is becoming more doubtful, therefore a teaser won’t be coming anytime soon.

Where to watch Venom?

To see the movie that kicked off it all in 2018, check out “Venom.” Here, Eddie Brock first comes into contact with the vengeful symbiote, and the two of them band together to stop a wealthy industrialist from destroying the planet. The sequence in which Tom Hardy cools down in a tank full of lobsters is one of the craziest in superhero film history. Besides Disney+, you can watch “Venom” on Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu, and YouTube to rent it for $3.99.

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