the most shocking statements that Rocío Carrasco’s docuserie on Telecinco is leaving us

If there is a current series that is giving what to talk about in Spain, that is ‘Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive’. Telecinco It has already aired six chapters of the twelve that make up the full documentary, so we already know half the story.

In recent weeks, the public is not divided only between those who are from Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​or between those who prefer Marvel or DC … now the debate revolves around whether or not they believe Rocío Carrasco.

Rocío Jurado’s daughter has been occupying the Sunday prime-time (From now on it will do so on Wednesdays because Mediaset already begins with the bombing of ‘Survivors’), reporting in first person the separation of Antonio David Flores, the man she was married to between 1996 and 1999.

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Rocío does not shut up anything. He has decided to open the box of thunder, after more than two decades locked under seven keys. Now, by providing documents, testimonies and various evidence, she intends to destroy the image of the perfect father that her ex-husband has transmitted to us all this time, and publicly report that you have received various types of abuse: not only physical, but also psychological, gas lights and even institutional violence by the Ombudsman for Minors.

Many have been shocking statements by Rocío Carrasco that have remained for the story in these (for now) six first chapters, which we can summarize in various moments.

Rocio Carrasco 2

The suicide attempt of Rocío Carrasco and the beginning of her relationship with Antonio David Flores

The docuseries began with the protagonist recounting her suicide attempt. It was in 2019 and, fortunately, it did not go well. After taking pills, Rocío arrived at the hospital unconscious and, once they revived her, threatened to do it again. “I will always have the Segovia Bridge”, he said then.

After a few days of admission to a plant specialized in these cases, the protagonist ended up regretting it and left the hospital early.

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In the first couple of chapters, in addition to her suicide attempt, Rocío Carrasco tells how was the beginning of the relationship that would mark her life forever. In these episodes, she already outlines her ex-husband as her abuser, revealing in addition to physical violence, what techniques he used to manipulate her. “How little did I know then that he was going to be my executioner”, Rocío explains.

Her second pregnancy: an untenable situation

With the pregnancy of her first daughter, everything changed. The couple lived in her mother’s house, and in those months everything seemed to be going well. Until the protagonist becomes pregnant again.

Her second pregnancy was the starting gun of another terrifying time for the protagonist, since in those months she claims to have suffered all kinds of humiliations from her then husband. The most shocking of all was when, according to account, He stuck his body half out of the window, threatening to throw it away.

Rocío brings to light the montages that her ex concocted with a paparazzi

During the separation, Rocío Carrasco tells how Antonio David Flores allied himself with a famous paparazzi to try to hunt her with other men. Apparently, both would later try to sell the photos to magazines and share (70-30%) what they took.

Rocío Jurado’s daughter denounces the countless number of times that her ex-husband paid for their separation: from selling photos or information about him to the media, to calling the press to take pictures of the moment they picked up the children. A revealing audio gave Rocío the reason. The aforementioned paparazzi acknowledges it all:

The truth about the relationship between Rocío Jurado and Antonio David

Contradicting the version that has always been given that mother-in-law and son-in-law were flesh and blood, Rocío relates that, in reality, her mother “She was terrifying, she feared him like hell”. Textually, it says that Rocío Jurado “lived shit.”

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Rocío Carrasco also tells that her mother, whom the public has always seen as a great artist who did not shy away from anything, came to stay quiet when the couple argued for fear of what he might do to her.

Taking into account that this is only half the story and that there are six other chapters left in which, without a doubt, Rocío Carrasco will continue to clear up the many unknowns that have surrounded her for two decades; We can almost affirm that the strongest we have not seen yet.

Because let us remember that, although Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries has mutated into social denunciation (and the immense work of visibility that he is doing would serve for a separate article), his interview is still a television show and, as such, the show must continue.

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