My Hero Academia, Horikoshi shows the discarded cover of Vol. 30: Deku was terrifying!

On April 2 in Japan, Volume 30 of My Hero Academia was released, containing the final chapters of the incredible saga of the clash between heroes and villains. The Cover was dedicated to Dabi, but within the Volume itself the fans were able to observe some sketches by Horikoshi never completed, including the first discarded Cover starring Deku.

Below you can take a look at two images. The first shows Deku, or rather “Feral Deku” as many have called him after his monstrous “transformation” of chapter 286, while the second shows Bakugo after being pierced by Shigaraki. The two images should have been Cover and frontpage respectively, but Horikoshi preferred to replace them with the Dabi Dance and the illustration of Toga and Uraraka.

The first image is of course the one that caught the attention of fans, as Deku is portrayed on top of what appears to be a pile of bodies. The lines are not fully defined, but looking good it is possible to see Gran Torino, Eraserhead and other heroes sacrificed during the clash with Shigaraki. Many of these managed to survive, but those who follow the manga will remember well the way Deku reacted to the sight of his injured comrades.

My Hero Academia has recently returned to focus exclusively on the protagonist with the new story arc, and chapter 307 of the manga due out on Sunday 11 April will finally put Deku and Muscular against each other. With any luck, the cover of the next Volume could be just as epic.

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