‘The Mitchells against the machines’: Netflix presents the hilarious trailer of the new from the producers of ‘Spider-Man: A new universe’

If you are a lover of the best animated film and you want to get your hands on a production outside the Disney and Pixar factories, you are in luck, because Netflix Just Released The Trailer For ‘The Mitchells Against The Machines’; the new production of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, responsible for bombings like ‘The LEGO movie’ or that marvel entitled ‘Spider-Man: A new universe’.

In this case, the duo of producers, hand in hand with the couple of co-writers and co-writers composed of Mike Rianda and Jeff Rowe -both writers in the great ‘Gravity Falls’-, offer us a sci-fi comedy centered on the family in the film’s title, whose members will have to save the world from the rise of technology against the human race.

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A fantastic pint … in original version

I have to admit that the advance, although perhaps it reveals too much for my taste, in addition to displaying a more than remarkable animation, has made me laugh more than a laugh thanks to a repertoire of gags that promise to condense all the essence of the creators of the production. Judge for yourselves.

As if this were not enough, the voice cast in its original version has an enviable level, with the vocal cords of greats such as Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Eric André, Alex Hirsch Charlyne Yi o la mismísima Olivia Colman. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about a dubbing into Spanish that suggests that Netflix did not chastise after the controversy around ‘Memories of Idún’.

Those chosen to replace seasoned people in the world of animation and dubbing, and with credits in series such as the aforementioned ‘Gravity Falls’ or ‘Steven Universe’ have been, among others, Leo Harlem, Kira Miró or María Pedraza – We continue with the actors of ‘Elite’ -. Take a listen to the Spanish trailer to see the big difference between their voices and those of professional voice actors listed among the cast.

All that aside, ‘The Mitchells vs. the Machines’ looks good enough to look forward to its release; what will be next April 30.

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