Even Though Fans Want it Alive What was the reason for Cancelling “Timeless” Season 3?

The Science Fiction Travel Drama Series “Timeless” was on the verge of Ending. Fans Opinion Did not Matter even a little bit. The Series did end whether the Fans want it to or Not. The NBC has Denied the permission for the season renewal when the series was in the middle of season 2.

Timeless Season 3
Timeless Season 3

The Show “Timeless” did not renew because it was canceled after season 2. NBC Has Canceled the show But it did give a room for a 2 Hour Season Finale. The Series was created by Erik Kripke from “Supernatural” and Shawn Ryan from “The Shield”.

The Series has Successfully completed the First Season when it was released back in 2016. The Story follows a Group of Time Travellers. The Series has a Low Rating But Still, it has managed to Garner Views and Tiny Little Fandom.

We assure you that however less the number of Fans love the Show. But they loved the show from the bottom of their hearts. It was only renewed for a second season because of those die-hard fans. Otherwise, season 2 will also be not renewed by NBC.

After the poor rating of the first season, NBC had thought to discontinue this Series. It was a Shock to those Supporters who did love this series. But soon after NBC canceled this thought, There was an announcement for the second season of “Timeless”.

So the series was revived two times by NBC and Its Fan Following. Season 2 of “Timeless” was premiered on March 2018. But Still, After Season 2, There was not any increment in the Viewers. So NBC has to Cancel the renewal of the series.

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