With Love Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know Far

Is there going to be a third season of With Love? Let’s get the scoop on the series you need. On June 2, 2023, Amazon Prime Video premiered the second season of the romantic comedy With Love. The second season of With Love has an intriguing plot that should be explored in all six episodes. During the holidays, we got to see how much the Diaz family loves each other.

There has been no official confirmation of a Season 3 renewal for With Love, but based on the show’s strong critical reception and its satisfying conclusion, fans have every reason to be optimistic. The third season of With Love is rapidly approaching, so let’s move on to exploring the possibilities, updates, and information as soon as possible. Keep reading this post if you don’t want to miss any news on Season 3 of With Love.

With Love Season 3 Renewal Status

It’s quite difficult to predict at this time. There is a lot happening, and that might delay any renewals. The writer’s strike must be investigated. It’s probable that the third season can’t be pitched and evaluated at this time if it hasn’t already been. That might rule out a renewal right now.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of a strike-related shutdown, though. Amazon waited four months before confirming a second season. While the length of this is not ideal, at least it was renewed.

There had been no prior announcement that Season 2 would be the last. The season two finale hints at further developments. We’ll have to wait and see if Amazon decides to keep the show going beyond the first weekend’s ratings. We don’t have access to the ratings, therefore we can’t give an accurate assessment just yet.

With Love Season 3 Release Date

The first season premiered in 2021, and the show has been so well received that the finale of season two just premiered on July 2, 2023. The show follows four different couples as they take a vacation together. The show is about a happy ending for a family who has worked through their issues together.

The series’ future rests on the success of the recently released second season, which is competing with other popular shows for a spot on the hot lists of various platforms. As of this writing, there has been no formal update.

With Love Story

A number of couples’ holiday adventures are chronicled throughout the season. The show, which premiered in December 2021, chronicled the ups and downs of four romantic pairings. We are mostly concerned with the Diaz family because they are the cement that holds the marriage together.

It’s a good time since everyone is both frantic and relaxed at the same time. The show centers on the family’s struggles, their closeness, and the love they have with their spouses.

It’s great fun to follow the pair and their adventures throughout the series. Lily and Santiago can be difficult to deal with at times, but they’re great generally. Henry and Jorge have the most chemistry, but Nick is also a real darling. This entertaining and exciting series explores themes of love, family, and everyday life.

With Love Cast

  • Emeraude Toubia as Lily Diaz
  • Mark Indelicato as Jorge Diaz Jr.
  • Isis King as Sol Perez
  • Vincent Rodriguez III as Henry Cruz
  • Rome Flynn as Santiago Zayas
  • Desmond Chiam as Nick Zhao
  • Benito Martinez as Jorge Diaz Sr.
  • Constance Marie as Beatriz Diaz
  • Todd Grinnell as Miles Murphy
  • Andre Royo as Laz Zayas
  • Renée Victor as Marta Delgado
  • Pepe Serna as Luis Delgado
  • Gloria Calderón Kellett as Gladys Delgado
  • Kalen Allen as Cyn
  • EJ Johnson as Melo, another one of Sol’s best friends
  • Julissa Calderon as Annie
  • W. Tré Davis as Andre
  • Fernando Martinez as Chuey
  • Birdie Silverstein as Charlie
  • Scott Evans as James
  • Adrian Gonzalez as Javier

With Love Season 3 Plot

Forgetting his past insecurities, Jorge proposed to his longtime boyfriend Henry last season. Sometime later, the pair hears wedding bells and makes the commitment to wed. Despite the fact that she is still dealing with her affection for Santiago, who is commitment-phobic and her co-dependency difficulties, Lily gives her college best buddy Nick a chance. Miles Murphy, a plastic surgeon and Sol’s romantic interest, on the other hand, comes to terms with his sexual orientation and commits to a future with Sol.

In the third season of With Love, Lily’s dependence concerns will be explored. Lily works as a salesgirl at a neighborhood beauty store, but she doesn’t have any goals in life beyond getting married. Santiago has finally, albeit belatedly, come to terms with the fact that he must not allow his phobia to disrupt his relationship with Lily. Lily has finally consented to marry Nick, but she isn’t really committed to the marriage. This love triangle will be a big plot point in Season 3 of With Love.

With Love Season 3 Trailer

The second season premiered on June 1, 2023, and the third season trailer has not yet been released by the production company. The season is available on Amazon Prime Video, and you can watch the previews on YouTube.

Where to watch With Love?

You can only see it on Amazon Prime Video. Therefore, if you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime, you can watch this episode at no cost. The performance is included in the price. Keep in mind that the availability of this show varies depending on where you are. Find out if you can participate in this program by looking into it.

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