The Knights of the Zodiac: all about the mythology of the Pegasus constellation

The Zodiac Knights it is not an ordinary battle shonen. Behind the spectacular combat to the sound of the cosmos, you can learn numerous lessons about Greek mythology. Let’s discover the secrets of the Seiya constellation.

The protagonist of Masami Kurumada’s work is Seiya, a bronze knight born under the sign of the constellation of Pegasus. In Greek mythology, Pegasus was the winged horse of Zeus, born from the ground wet by Medusa’s shed blood. Used by the father of all the gods to carry lightnings to Mount Olympus, Pegasus represents a wild and free animal. According to the legend, after numerous exploits, the winged horse turned into a cloud of sparkling stars that formed a constellation, the one we know as Pegasus.

A peculiar characteristic of Pegasus is the movement of the legs during the flight, as if to simulate a race in the sky. Even in the animated series of “The Knights of the Zodiac” the winged horse is thus represented. With his extraordinary armor and the immense power of his cosmos, Seiya could defend the Goddess Athena from the threat of the Great Temple. If you have never given a chance to this historic franchise, the first ten volumes of The Knights of the Zodiac – Perfect Edition are again available for purchase. The constellation of virgo shines in a cosplay of The Knights of the Zodiac.

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