After The Rain Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

After The Rain Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

One of the hardest industries to get into is the Japanese manga series, where the number of people who can do it is at its highest. It is also something that almost everyone who wants to work on a project thinks is a nightmare. Also, it’s sometimes hard to believe that animated projects are doing better than those movies.

Magazine manga is another well-established business that does much better in Japan compared to other countries. The same plotline as that of the “After the Rain” manga series from Japan.

The manga is part of a newer version of the series. It came out on June 27, 2014. Initially, the magazine manga has been published monthly just on Month – to – month Big Comic Spirits around a year before it was changed into a weekly magazine.

This run ran for four years with a total of 10 volumes. In 2017, a news story about a cartoon version of the show went viral. There were a lot of fans of the manga who were very happy with the reports.

Finally, the first incident of an anime came out during the 2nd week of 2018. The anime was made by Wit Studios, and Fuji TV was the one who showed it. Ayumu Watanabe who served as the board member of the anime used to have his notoriety go high after the release.

People felt something special as if it had a strong emotional touch that tied them together. The script by Deko Akao seemed like it was based on the manga and was just as interesting as the manga.

Jun Mayuzuki writes the manga series After the Rain, which is set in Japan. It has 12 episodes spread out over 10 volumes. The story centers on a 17-year-old high school pupil named Akira Tachibana who works part-time at a family restaurant as well as a 45-year-old man with one child who is divorced.

In 2018, available and/or all over the world watched After The Rain, one of the year’s best slice-of-life anime. It got good reviews for its first season, so it also gained a lot of fans.

Now, all of these fans want to see Season 2 of After the Rain. Even though it’s been over three years, the creators are still not saying much. So, when would anime have a green light because of its second run? Here are the most recent facts.

After the Rain is a Japanese slice-of-life romance anime TV show that is also called Koi wa Ameagari no You ni. It is based on the same-named manga series by Jun Mayuzuki.

Wit Studios animated the first-ever season that managed to run for a total of 12 episodes. It started airing on Jan 12, 2018, and ended on March 30, 2018. Since then, everybody has been looking forward to the next part of this love story.

After The Rain Season 2 Release Date

If there is a second season, it won’t continue Akira and Masira’s story. Instead, it will show what happened well before the end of the story.

There’s a good chance it won’t happen, yet if the producers decide to keep making it because people want to see more, Season 2 of After The Rain is likely to start sometime in 2024.

After The Rain Season 2 Cast

Akira Tachibana voiced by Sayumi Watabe
Masani Kondo voiced by Hiroaki Hirata
Haruka Kyan voiced by Emi Miyajima
Yui Nishida voiced by Haruka Fukuhara
Ryosuke Kase voiced Tomoaki Maeno Takashi Yoshizawa voiced Junya Ikeda
Kayoko Kubo voiced by Mika Kanai
Junko Takeuchi lent her voice to Yuto Kondo.
Mitsuru Miyamoto lent her voice to Chihiro Kujo.

After The Rain Season 2 Trailer

There is no official trailer for season two on YouTube right now. No one knows for sure if the trailer will come out before the show or not.

After The Rain Season 2 Plot

The main character in this story is a 17-year-old high school pupil named Akira. She falls in love with the 45-year-old manager of the restaurant where she works. She starts to feel uneasy at work because every time she saw him, her heart would start to beat faster.

Her boss is indeed a divorced man with a young son. He likes to smoke and is always trying to keep up with the times because he doesn’t want to be seen as a dull old man. He is courteous and kind, and he always takes good care of his clients.

Akira loves him with all her heart. Akira also likes to run. She quit after getting hurt badly because she didn’t wish to undergo rehab. During the show, we see just how her relationship with her manager changes.

The show is essentially a realistic story that may make the person observing it feel like they can relate to it. A young girl becomes attached to the shop manager Helen works with and has to decide what is the best thing to do.

The age difference is a big worry when two people want to date each other. After the Rain is told from Akira Tachibana’s point of view when she was a teen with a lot of problems. But in the end, she gets together with Masami Kondo when the two of them agree to act more like adults as a couple.

The show is about the relationship between Yoon Jin-Ah, who works as a district manager at a coffee chain called Coffee Bay, and Seo Joon-Hee, who works as an animator at Smilegate Entertainment, which makes video games. There’s also a secondary storyline regarding harassment at work, in which Director Nam picks on Jin-Ah.

In the second-to-last episode, Joon-Hee says yes to his job offer in the U.S., and Jin-Ah is sent to Seoul as a way to get rid of her. When the two main characters are all in their 40s, the show skips ahead.

Jin-Ah married a man chosen by their parents, but he doesn’t pay her enough attention, and Joon-Hee moved to the United States. In the end, their paths cross, and they both ultimately reconnect with each other.

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