The First Omen: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The First Omen is a horrifying new prequel film in the famous horror genre, and there are a lot of fascinating developments about it. The Omen film series begins with the 1976 original and follows the story of an orphan kid called Damien as he gradually reveals his true identity as the devil’s offspring after being adopted by a couple.

The Omen, with its eye-popping gore and unexpected plot turns, was the horror film gold standard of the 1970s and has since inspired several sequels, reboots, and even a prequel, The First Omen.

The First Omen is the latest installment in the horror franchise, which hasn’t had an update since the 2006 version bombed at the box office. Although a brief TV appearance did nothing to reawaken fans’ excitement, the prequel now has an opportunity to breathe new life into the beloved series by delving further into its rich canon.

With the benefit of hindsight, the new prequel can add some contemporary horror flair to the well-worn intellectual property, and every Omen movie has its own merits and shortcomings. Names like The Omen continue to fare well at the box office, even if unique and new horror films are dominating the industry.

The First Omen Release Date

In the year 2024, on Friday, April 5th, cinemas will welcome The First Omen. Except for the dramatic thriller Dreamer, the horror film won’t have much competition that weekend, but the prequel will be wedged between three other big blockbusters.

The First Omen Cast

In “The First Omen,” the primary part is played by Nell Tiger Free. Previous work by Free includes the role of Leanne Grayson, a disturbing nanny in Servant for Apple TV+ who tends to be a mourning couple’s reincarnated doll and seems to possess supernatural abilities. In Game of Thrones, Free portrayed Myrcella Baratheon, who is the child of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister.

The role of Father Brennan will be portrayed by Ralph Ineson. Ineson has plenty of screen experience fighting evil spirits; he portrayed William in Robert Eggers’ The Witch. Ineson co-starred with Nell Tiger Free as Dagmer Cleftjaw on Game of Thrones. Not only that, but he was General Nikolai Tarakanov in the hit HBO series Chernobyl and the film’s protagonist in David Lowery’s critically praised The Green Knight.

The cast list is as follows:

  • Nell Tiger Free
  • Tawfeek Barhom
  • Sônia Braga
  • Ralph Ineson as Father Brennan
  • Bill Nighy

The First Omen Plot

An official description for The First Omen has been released, and it sounds just as terrifying as the 2020 revelation that the prequel to The Omen will expose Damien’s origins. The next film will feature a young American woman—Nell Tiger Free is playing an untitled role—as she goes to Rome to become a nun and devote her life to serving God. The moment she gets there, however, she starts to learn of a sinister plot to have the antichrist born.

Surprisingly, despite the many sequels and remakes of The Omen, not a single one of them has ever tried to shed light on Damien’s origins or motivations.

Although his involvement in the film has not been officially confirmed, Damien will most likely make a short cameo as a newborn baby, given that he is the titular antichrist. Other characters will have to carry the tale, and how Nell Tiger Free’s protagonist fits into the bigger Omen series history is unclear.

The First Omen: About the Original Film

The horror classic “The Omen” from 1976 tells the story of Robert Thorn, an American ambassador, and stars Gregory Peck and Lee Remick.

Thorn takes up a seemingly typical infant boy named Damien after the terrible loss of his wife. But as Damien gets older, a string of troubling events and an unnerving predisposition toward violence point to a terrifying reality: Damien is the Antichrist, doomed to bring about the end of the world.

In his quest to rescue mankind from the hands of evil, Robert, aided by an enigmatic priest, faces his demons head-on as he races against the clock to prevent this catastrophic outcome.

With its expert combination of suspense, horror, and religious themes, “The Omen” received enormous praise upon its premiere. The film permanently altered public perceptions of the Antichrist and the name Damien. The film became a beloved classic in the horror genre because of its memorable images, which led to sequels and a remake. ‘The Omen’ has received an impressive 7.5 out of 10 from IMDb users.

The First Omen Trailer

The First Omen has no official trailer, and its release date is still up in the air. The most likely moment we will receive a sneak peek at the film is in early 2024.

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