Seis Manos Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The setting of the Netflix anime Seis Manos is the United States of America in the 1970s. Worldwide streaming of the series began on October 3, 2019, on Netflix. It features a mashup of genres including magical spells, far eastern conflict, and cartels. By placing his drawings in an arcade setting, it introduced a new angle to the animation industry.

Viz Productions and Powerhouse Animation collaborated to create Seis Manos. Another hit Netflix anime that Powerhouse Animation recently created is Blood of Zeus. There are a lot of shared elements between the two series’ administration and production stages.

Fans of Seis Manos are eagerly anticipating the release of season two, and the show is still attracting new viewers even after all this time. Is Season 2 of the anime greenlit for release on Netflix?

Seis Manos Season 2 Renewal Status

Two or three months after a program’s debut, Netflix will typically announce whether or not the show has been renewed. They evaluated the show’s success and audience size over this period. But the creators still haven’t said whether or not this one will be renewed, even though it’s been almost 1.5 years.

There have been several teases about the upcoming sequel to this anime series. So far, however, Seis Manos Season 2 has not been officially confirmed. Fans of the anime are already pressing Netflix with serious concerns over the show’s comeback, and the streaming service is expected to provide answers shortly.

Seis Manos Season 2 Release Date

Powerhouse Animation Studios was in charge of making Seis Manos. Castlevania, another beloved Netflix series, was also produced by Powerhouse Animation. While Netflix has been mum on the subject of a Seis Manos season 2, the show’s creators, Brad Graeber and Alvaro Rodriguez, have shown an interest in continuing the tale.

Seis Manos Cast

  • Isabela Voiced by Aislinn Derbez: being the most senior of the Seis Manos’s siblings, he serves as the glue that holds the three together. Just like her fighting technique, the Hung Ga style of Chinese Martial Arts, she is an ordinary person.
  • Jesús Voiced by Jonny Cruz: the strong comedic actor from Seis Manos. Like his fighting technique, which is based on the drunken boxing style of Chinese martial arts, he can continue fighting even when he is inebriated.
  • Silencio: the Seis Manos sibling who lost his voice when he was a little kid after seeing El Balde murder his family; he is now silent.
  • Chiu Voiced by Vic Chao: Isabela, Jesús, and Silencio, three orphans, have been taught by an elderly Chinese Kung-fu teacher.
  • Garcia Voiced by Angélica Vale: the first female Mexican federal in her territory, who longs for excitement to erupt in her sleepy town; tragically, her dream is granted as Balde’s armies invade her community.
  • Brister Voiced by Mike Colter: a special agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of African American descent who served in Vietnam and now works alongside Garcia as part of the Bi-National Task Force.
  • El Balde Voiced by Danny Trejo: One of the primary enemies. The misfortunes that shaped the Seis Manos’ lives were either primarily or partially his doing.
  • Domingo Voiced by Carlos Luna: a lone child of twelve who seeks refuge in Chiu’s dojo shelter. The monument that murdered Domingo in San Simon fell after Jaimito’s rage.

Seis Manos Season 2 Plot

The only plot detail that the showrunners divulged was that a tale is already in the works for season 2. Season 1’s last episode did, however, hint at certain plot points for season 2.

The final episode pitted the twins against an insurmountable foe. They were unable to overcome him, no matter what they did. The conflict came to a close when Silencio volunteered to accompany this otherworldly creature. Season 2 might see Silencio succumbing to his shadow side since it is well-known that he is dealing with it.

Calling Silencio “my child” is the man’s last word as the episode ends. In season 2, we should discover what he is preparing to tell Silencio, which may be anything about his parentage.

Seis Manos Season 2: Will it ever return?

The first season of the anime was well-received by viewers. According to Rotten Tomatoes, it’s even 100% approved. The program was a hit with reviewers and viewers alike, becoming a Netflix hot topic.

The anime’s producers hinted last year that they had written the screenplay for a sequel. Thus, Seis Manos Season 2’s likelihood of happening is quite high. Like the previous season, the producers will make a tidy profit on the sequel. With any luck, Netflix will make a formal announcement about season two later this year.

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