The 6 + 1 colors of the new iMac 2021 that pay homage to the original iMac and the Apple logo

With the new iMac 2021, Apple has wanted the team to have up to seven colors to choose from. With a most interesting detail: all the peripherals will match the color of the Mac. Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, of course, but also the power cable and the Lightning to charge the peripherals.

There is also an aspect of homage to past times and products of the company. Enough to feel some nostalgia without actually celebrating it.

The new iMac 2021 and its colorful repertoire

Until recently, the only color available to buy an iMac was silver. With the now defunct iMac Pro came space gray, adding a bit of the essence of the iPhone to such a powerful team. However, its characteristics and high price did not make it a real alternative for the ordinary user.

The new iMac 2021 breaks that streak of grays and darks, adding a much-needed repertoire to the range. The Apple’s most popular desktop computer now you can choose in seven colors: silver, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Of course, when we choose a color, we are actually choosing two shades of it.

  Imac Rear

For the case and edge of the iMac 2021 Apple has chosen more solid and striking colors. For the chin and the base, we have another more off and with less power. In this way and combined with the white of the screen frame, it is a more pleasant sight to look at. Designed for the long hours that we will spend in front of her.

iMac accessories

The Cupertino company has also looked at all the equipment accessories. Both the Magic Mouse and the Magic Keyboard, but also the power cable and the Lightning match the subdued color of the device. Dedication of effort, not only development but also logistics, to achieve this objective is considerable, since it multiplies the combinations and the possibilities of problems in the chain.

We must emphasize that in the most affordable model, the 7-core GPU, we can only choose between four colors: blue, green, red and silver. Yellow, orange and purple are added as an option in the other two base configurations.

6 + 1 colors to honor the Apple logo and the original iMac

iMac G3

With the colors of the new iMac 2021, Apple wanted to return to two chapters of the essence of the company. The first is that of one of their first logos as a company, the one that succeeded Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. We are talking, of course, about the six-colored apple.

logo Apple

Green, yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue are the colors of the apple. Green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and silver are those of the new iMac. Another part of Apple’s history takes us back more than twenty years and it has to do with the original iMac.

The iMac G3 unveiled in 1998 was an industry breaker. Not only for its bold design and component decisions, but also for its colorful range. Users could choose between the color lime, strawberry, blueberry, grape and tangerine. A couple of colors less than now (and one less than your logo). But of course just as juicy.

Apple is characterized as a company that does not look back. It does not rest on its laurels, does not celebrate the greatest hits for years. No more than a second of nostalgia is allowed. But every now and then, we see a hint of it. Enough to stop along the way, admire it, and move on.

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