Nokia Lite Earbuds, these new wireless headphones come with 36 hours of autonomy

What Nokia has gotten us used to in recent years is cheap phones, where a neat product is offered at a reasonably low price for its specifications, like the recent Nokia G10 and G20. The latest product of the brand, however, is not a mobile phone, but a wireless headset, the new Nokia Lite Earbuds.

These new wireless headphones are added to the Nokia catalog, where in the audio line we already have the Nokia Power Earbuds and the Power Earbuds Lite. In this case there are a number of differences that are noticeable especially in the design of the headphones, they arrive with a “stick” as opposed to the “button design” previous.

Nokia Lite Earbuds Bh 205 Charcoal

With autonomy as a flag

At the moment Nokia has not revealed all the specifications of these headphones. What they have referenced and emphasized is the battery and autonomy they offer. We are facing headphones with six hours of playback and five additional charges in the 400 mAh case. This offers us a total of 36 hours of approximate autonomy. As Nokia puts it, “almost twice the industry standard.”

Nokia Lite Earbuds Bh 205 Charcoal 01

In internal specifications, it is known that the new Nokia Lite Earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 and allow playback on each earphone independently. On the other hand, they have a 6mm driver that covers the range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

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Two last details to highlight about the headphones are its controls and charging. On the sides they have touch controls for managing music and incoming calls. On the other hand, the headphone charging case can be charged via USB-C.

Nokia Lite Earbuds Bh 205 Polar Sea

Headphones are on sale today in select markets / countries. Its average price recommended by HMD is 39 euros and they come in Polar Sea (blue) or Charcoal (black). In Spain it does not seem that they can be bought yet, at least for the moment they are not available on the official website.

They are not headphones that seek to compete in great specifications such as noise cancellation, for that there are already others. Nevertheless, they seek to compete on price, where today there are already a few white label and other mobile manufacturers. We have among them we have the HOMSCAM QCY T1, the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 or basic models of AUKEY for example. Even ALDI headphones for 10 euros.

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