the 5 unexpected guest stars that appeared in the series

Grey’s Anatomy has had countless guest stars over the years, and while some of them have gone unnoticed, others have become major stars of prestige.

Whether they’ve won Emmys, been nominated for an Oscar, or starred in blockbuster films, Grey’s Anatomy sure knows how to find the best talent around. Here are in our opinion the 5 best guest stars of the series:

  1. Millie Bobby Brown: she played Ruby, a young girl who saves her mother’s life. After she is injured, she calls the hospital and doctors guide her through a life-saving procedure. He then spends time applying CPR until a helicopter arrives and rescues them both.
  2. Mandy Moore: Moore played Mary Portman. It was first presented in the two-part finale of season six. He is seen in the hospital for colostomy surgery when the hospital is closed due to a serious safety concern. She and her husband decide to travel and return to the hospital for the surgery six months later. She ends up in a coma after surgery and the love of her life takes away her life support.
  3. Demi Lovato: Lovato played a girl named Hayley May who is misdiagnosed with pathological schizophrenia and is nearly admitted to a psychiatric ward, but the real problem is later discovered and undergoes successful surgery.
  4. Sarah Paulson: Paulson played a young Ellis Gray. The flashback shows her and a young Richard Webber caring for their first patient diagnosed with GRID, later known as AIDS.
  5. Dylan Minnette: Before being one of the stars of Netflix’s Thirteen series, Minnette played Ryan, a boy born without external ears, but nevertheless gifted with the ability to hear.
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Did you know that besides Grey’s Anatomy there are other important roles played by actress Ellen Kathleen Pompeo? In the meantime we also leave you to another curiosity regarding an important actress of Grey’s Anatomy.


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