She is still alive! PlayStation Vita to receive another game this April, the new Astro Aqua Kitty from Tikipod

One of the collateral damage that the future closure of PSN has caused with all PS3, PSP and Vita games, is that several studies have reversed their conversions for the latest sony laptop not arriving on time for that August 27 as the deadline in Vita, or simply because of that ridiculous situation.

Because PlayStation Vita games were still coming out, despite the fact that Sony itself gave it up for dead a long time ago. And, without going any further, on April 22 ScourgeBringer will arrive both on that laptop and on PS4. Although it will not be the only one that will come out this month in Vita, when the new one is confirmed now Astro Aqua Kitty.

Ship games are not like they were in the 80s anymore. And that's not a bad thing

Available from today on the Nintendo Switch eShop for 12.99 euros, Tikipod has just announced that it will be released on PlayStation Store for PS4 and Vita on April 15, arriving later on Steam (June 3, according to its file) and Xbox One.

This time, with Astro Aqua Kitty we are facing a shoot ’em up with greater freedom, very far from that tribute to the mythical Defender of Williams that was the colorful Aqua Kitty seen a few years ago. Different pilots and weapons to choose from, the possibility of improving the team with experience … It has all the earmarks that it is going to give me what I was asking for from this cute saga (and with more cats).

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