How to change the streaming service that Siri uses in iOS 14.5

We are going to explain to you how to change Siri’s default streaming service, an option that is available as of iOS 14.5. This is something that you will be able to choose the first time you use Siri to play a streaming service. This is a change that will make the assistant much more useful for those of us who do not use Music or Podcasts as the main service.

For now You cannot do this change from the settings yet as you can do to change the default browser. Instead, Siri relies on learning our habits, so when you ask it to play something, from time to time it will ask you what service you want to use, and it will learn the answer to keep it as the default.

Before following the steps and performing this action to configure Siri streaming, you must make sure you have downloaded and started the streaming services you want to use. Siri will suggest you use the ones you have installed.

Change Siri streaming service

Activate Siri

The first thing you have to do is invoke Siri to activate the assistantEither with the voice command Hey Siri or by pressing and holding the power button. Once you do, you have to ask Siri to play something, with some command like Hey Siri, reproduce Pink Floyd.

Elige Streaming

When you do this for the first time, Siri will tell you that it is learning to use the appropriate audio apps for each thing, and a list of the streaming apps you have will appear at the top. Here, you must select the app you want to use to play music or podcast, depending on what you asked to play.


When you select a service, Siri will ask you to access the data of this streaming service. Accessing this data will be when you can use the chosen app to play music or podcasts, that is, you have to click on the option Yes to give you the necessary permission.


And that’s it, from this moment on, whenever you ask Siri to play that type of content, it will always use the same service. It will also recognize the service settings, so if you have Spotify to play on your PC, it will keep that. Keep in mind that if you start to actively use another service, from time to time Siri will ask you again to make sure you use the one you prefer.

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