Ten Percent Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Ten Percent Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Ten Percent, the British version of Call My Agent!, is currently available on Amazon Prime Video for over a week, so many people have probably already watched all eight episodes in one sitting.

Since the show ended on a cliffhanger, people are wondering about the possibility of a second season and if Nightingale Hart as well as its agents and assistants will be back.

On April 28, 2022, the very first season of Ten Percent’s comedy show came to an end. Even though it’s only had one season, the show has already gained a lot of fans. Those who have seen it have liked it and are now waiting for it to be picked for an additional season.

Ten percent is a spinoff of the French tv series Call My Agent, which was praised for having one of the most unique scripts. The British version of Call My Agent started airing on April 28, and so far, fans have liked what they’ve seen.

Written by The BAFTA Award winner John Morton (Wolfwalkers), the show has an A-list cast and is about a London Talent Agency that has to deal with difficult clients.

The phrase “the customer is always right” is taken too basically in this show, and the representatives have to work hard to make sure their customers are happy.

If you thought that the French version had been great, the English version will show you that you were wrong. Do humans at least have a second episode of the drama series, with all the frustration, complaints, and desire to get the best services?

Ten Percent Season 2 Release Date

Since the show’s first episode, it has been very hard to tell if Ten Percent is getting a second season. But as the show just started, there hasn’t been much talk about this yet.

The show continues to air, so we might know more about its future after the end of season 1 as to how many people still watch it and what they think of it.

With the show ending on a strange cliffhanger, it’s hard not to think about a second season. Considering that the original French version has gone through four seasons and a fifth is on the way, there is a lot of hope as well as the expectation for a second season of the British version.

Even though there hasn’t been any official news or information about the second season, if everything goes well and production again for the second season starts soon, we might get the second season in the spring of 2023.

Ten Percent Season 2 Cast

We would expect all of the main agents and helpers to come back. We’d also expect Tim McInnerny’s character, Simon Gould, Eléonore Arnaud’s character, Margaux Martorana, Edward Bluemel’s character, Luke Nightingale, and Natasha Little’s character, Charlotte Nightingale, to return. Some guest stars, like David Harewood and Clémence Poésy, whose stories were more important to the show’s plot, could also come back.

Here is a list of everyone we think will be back for season 2:

  • Jack Davenport as Jonathan Nightingale
  • Lydia Leonard as Rebecca Fox
  • Maggie Steed as Stella Hart
  • Prasanna Puwanarajah as Dan Bala
  • Hiftu Quasem as Misha Virani
  • Fola Evans-Akingbola as Zoe Spencer
  • Rebecca Humphries as Julia Fincham
  • Harry Trevaldwyn as Ollie Rogers
  • Tim McInnerny as Simon Gould
  • Chelsey Crisp as Kirsten Furst
  • Jack Holden as Kevin
  • Eléonore Arnaud as Margaux Martorana
  • Edward Bluemel as Luke Nightingale
  • Natasha Little as Charlotte Nightingale

Ten Percent Season 2 Trailer

There’s no official trailer for the second season yet because filming hasn’t started, but we’ll maintain this page up-to-date with any new information and if a trailer comes out. You can watch the trailer for season 1 again here until then.

Ten Percent Season 2 Plot

The first season of Ten Percent left a few loose ends, especially when it came to Jonathan as well as his relationship.

His wife seems to be giving a man a second chance after she found out he had an affair around the time their son was born and had an illegitimate daughter. She doesn’t know about his recent affair with Julia, though.

Misha seems to be moving up to the agent role, Rebecca’s project, 8 Days, had also found its star in Clémence Poésy, and David Harewood is now in line to be the next Bond. Dan and Zoe seem to be taking their relationship to the next level, and Ollie’s attention to Kevin hasn’t been returned yet.

The story starts with Misha, who wants to be a talent agent like her absent father Jonathan and grandfather Richard. She shows up at the London organization Nightingale Hart at just the right time and is hired as an assistant to fill in for someone who just got fired.

Richard dies soon after Misha starts working for the agency. Eventually, Jonathan and then another agent figure out that the agency is going broke and not making much money. At the same time, Jonathan has been having trouble keeping Misha’s real name from the rest of the family.

On the other hand, Agent Rebecca is getting ready for the production offshoot of the agency to open while developing a relationship with Margaux, the writer whose work she will be adapting.

Zoe, who used to work as a receptionist but is now an actress, is trying to get her career off the ground while Agent Dan is falling in love with her.

Most likely, season two of Ten Percent will continue to be the same for each team, but Julia is going to cause trouble for Jonathan.

Julia left the office after an almost-thing with Jonathan. When Jonathan found her to ask her to come back, she made a few veiled threats of what their tryst intended for her and what might happen if other people find out.

Misha will also be getting used to being an agent for the first time, now that Luke is her first client. At least Dan got a break just at end of the season.

Within a week of running like a headless chicken for his clients, he found some work-life balance in Zoe, who told him Helen would like to give their couple a try.

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