Apple Announces $ 200 Million “Restoration Fund” to Encourage Investment in Green Solution Projects Against Climate Change

As part of its ambitious plan to be a zero-impact company by 2030, Apple today unveiled an innovative $ 200 million “restoration fund” to accelerate investments in natural solutions to climate change with the goal of eliminate the carbon footprint in the atmosphere and, in turn, generate an economic return that makes these projects attractive to investors.

Bosques Colombia Apple Applesfera Recovery Fund


As partners, the company has Conservation International (also co-investor in the fund), a company that seeks to protect nature in line with human life. Its fields of action are science, policy and partnerships with communities and businesses – in this case Apple. For the economic section, they have the support of Goldman Sachs for economic management. The intention is to remove at least one million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually from the atmosphere while having a viable financial model that allows investment in forest restoration.

The fund led by Apple seeks to promote projects for the protection of natural resources that protect us against carbon emissions, and make it grow by adding new partners by making it attractive also for investors.

“Nature provides some of the best tools for removing carbon from the atmosphere. Forests, wetlands and grasslands extract carbon from the atmosphere and store it permanently in their soils, roots and branches. “, He said Lisa Jackson, vice president of Apple Environment, Policies and Social Initiatives. The goal, according to Jackson, is “Building a fund that delivers both real and measurable carbon emissions and financial returns. Our goal is to drive broader change in the future by encouraging investment in carbon removal around the world. Our hope is that others share our goals and contribute their resources to support and protect critical ecosystems. “.

Apple’s forestry efforts and more projects by the end of 2021

Applesfera Apple Recovery Fund 2030

Within its zero-carbon plan for 2030, the company will directly eliminate 75% of emissions from its supply chain and products, but this fund will help address the remaining 25% of Apple’s emissions. To achieve this, the trees are the key, they absorb this carbon: the researchers estimate that the tropical forests they contain more carbon than humanity has emitted in the last 30 years by burning coal, oil and natural gas, despite the ongoing deforestation. That is why it is so important to unlock the potential of this natural solution, and to allow companies to find it attractive to join, counting more resources to protect this valuable natural shield.

The innovation against carbon emissions is to protect nature and trees: they are able to absorb this carbon better than any technology

The company already has three consecutive years working in forest conservation: All packaging uses 100% natural fibers and the management of more than one million acres of forests has been improved. Apple has pioneered projects that protect and restore grasslands, wetlands and forests also with Conservation International. The best technology to remove carbon much more efficiently is to invest in nature itself – the objective of this fund that they present today.

The CEO of Conservation International believes that “This innovative approach to restoration will make a huge difference and benefit communities around the world with new jobs and incomes that support everything from education to health.”. The three parties will continue to work throughout the year to identify new projects before the end of 2021.

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