My Hero Academia 5×02 is the first fight of a great heroine

On the finale of the season 4 of My Hero Academia we saw for the first time the top 10 of the Japanese heroes. A list full of new faces, alongside those already known. Some of these were involved in the Nomu High End attack, including Endeavor and Hawks. There was actually someone else who joined them, albeit late.

My Hero Academia 5×02 ha presented in battle Mirko, the heroine looking like a rabbit. So far she had only appeared for a few seconds in the anime and hadn’t gotten to do next to anything. However, linking back to the events that happened in last season’s finale, the anime has made it known what really happened after the Nomu High End’s defeat and Endeavor’s declaration of victory.

Dabi appeared out of nowhere and was determined to take care of Endeavor. The flamboyant boy however wasn’t able to do much since Mirko appeared out of nowhere. The arrival of this heroine blocked the situation and forced Dabi to withdraw immediately, disappearing into the black passage as she had appeared just before.

Even now, therefore, Mirko has shown little in battle, nevertheless sealing his entry into the cast of heroes. The production of My Hero Academia 5 also revealed who Mirko’s voice actress is.

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