Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date: Everything you need to know

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date: Everything you need to know

So season four of stranger things is now happening as we all know. This show is so much awaited by the fans because they can not wait for so long for this season since the third one as we know that third season as a super blast and left so much suspense.

So fans are updates with the latest news, announcements, release dates, and everything. Although there is not much that we can know about the show but we can predict by the shootings, filming and a teaser which recently came out for some characters.

Stranger Things Season 4 Happening or Not? 

Yes for real season four is happening. Because of the reason that covid is all over the world, there have been some delays in shooting and filming the show but yes, season four is happening for real.

Of course, because of this situation, many of us had a thought that this season is cancelled or the show must have ended by the third season but no, this show is happening and will be coming out soon on Netflix.

Also, this fourth season was supposed to become out in Juky 2019 but because of some shooting and editing issue, they pushed it to 2020. And 2020 was bad luck for everyone in this world so for this season too.

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How Many Episodes To Expect In Stranger Things Season 4?

People are so much curious and so much eager to know what will be happening in season four, also they want to know about how many episodes they will cover in this season.

As per the reports, there are chances of having eight episodes in this season like the third and first seasons. But rumors suggested that maybe there will be nine episodes because of some social media news.

When Is It Going To Be Filmed Stranger Things season 4?

The work is in progress because there were so many delays due to covid situation also, there were so manhyh issues regarding casting and filming because the foremost thing we have to keep in mind is people’s safety and also precautiions we take in this dangerous and risky situation.

Also from the new reports, the whole cast will be moving to New Mexico after the filming done in Georgia. And this spring, the filming and editing will start again.

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date?

Fans have to wait for a little longer because no such thing as release dates is announced by their side. As of right, we are expecting to release this season by the starting of 2022. But let’s see what happens next.


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