Dark Desire Season 2: Netflix Release Date & What to Expect

DARK Desire season 2 is the second season of the Mexican series, which is based on a murder mystery. The story Centres around Alma Solaores, a professor in the college who is in a relationship with her husband, Leonardo, a very successful judge, and Alma cheats on him with Dario.

The 1st season has various turns and twists. We see Leonardo’s brother fall for Alma, the first suspect for Dario murder. After that, It will show that the area is alive. He is not only alive but also has complete custody over money.

The season will end with various question marks. In the end, Dario tells Esteban(Leornard’s brother) that he is now working for Dario, so It is certain that various things we have to know in the storyline now, and for this, there will be one more season to give answers.

This is one of the most famous web series and was famous after its release with more than 35 million audiences, and it is the most viewed Non-English web series.

So we can see the storyline will be complete in season two, and answers should be given, but more critical is when the season2 is coming, what its star cast is and what is the storyline of season2. So read the full article to get more information about the Dark Desire season 2. We will provide you with all information related to it.

Dark Desire season 2 was renewed by Netflix in August 2020 and will be released soon on our platform Netflix. But according to a Facebook post, it will premier from 2nd Feb 2022.

What to Expect with Dark Desire season 2

Now, what can we see in Dark Desire season 2 our what is our expectation from the series:

At the end of the season, we will see that Brenda commits suicide and loses her life and Estaban love for her sister. In the next series, we can investigate the impact of Brenda’s suicide, particularly because Alma will severely feel its loss.

There are also chances of Dario coming back to Alma life, and it is also interesting to see his impact on Alma and her husband’s life.

There may also be a story about dareo and Estaban criminal associate murdering Jose juice, Valdez. I am sure you will get various answers in season 2 of Dark Desire.

The cast of Dark Desire 2

  • Maite Perroni is in the role of  Alma Solares.
  • Erik Hauser is in the role of Esteban Solares
  • Alejandro Spitzer is in the role of  Dario Guerra
  • Maria Fernanda is in the role of Brenda Castillo.
  • Regina Pavon is in the role of Zoe Solares.
  • Jorde Poza is in the role of Leonardo Solares.
  • Paulina Matos is in the role of Edith Ballesteros.
  • Claudia Pineda is in the role of Garcia
  • Samantha Orozco is in the role of Rosalba.
  • Magali Boysselle is in the role of Therapist.

The cast of the second season will be the same as the first season. Some newcomers may be added, but there is no real news on this.

‘Dark Desire Season 2: Netflix Release Date

There has been no official news or information regarding the release date of the second season yet. But it was earlier confirmed that the show will be released by the end of 2021. But there is no sign of releasing it; the makers may decide to launch it at the beginning of 2022. Even there are no official trailers released for the

Season2 of Dark desire, so it is almost confirmed that they might need the time till 2022, but season 2 will come for sure, and according to a Facebook post from Muy Netflix, 2nd Feb 2022 is the premiere date of the season.


Some Frequent Questions are related to Dark Desire Season 2

Is Dareo really in Love with Alma?

Yes, we see in the story that Estaban also gets to know that Dareo also loved Alma. Just as he had killed Brenda before to cover up their affair, there are also chances of some more murders in the story.

Who killed Brenda in Dark Desire Season 2?

We will see first that it is a simple case of suicide, but later it is shown as a murder which is shown to us later, but Estaban and Dareo come in who both have an affair with Brenda.

Will there be a second season of dark desire season two?

Yes, it will be released on the ott platform of Netflix. The season will renew on 27 August 2020, and season two, according to a Facebook post from Muy Netflix, will premier from 2nd Feb 2022.

Is Dareo alive in the series?

Yes, it is 100 percent sure that Dareo is alive in the series. Many viewers believe that Estaban kills Dareo since he is obsessed with Alma. It is also clear that Dareo comes into Alma’s life just because of Estaban.

Is there Season 3 also?

No, there is no season three for this series already announced by Netflix that season 2 is the last season of Dark Desire.

Can kids also watch this?

There is no age restriction in the series, but there are sexual content and murder mysteries, mainly for adults and teens.


Dark Desire Season 2 of the series is the most awaited season because so many questions remained without having answers in season one. So the audience wants all those answers for this. They are waiting for season 2. This series is one of the most popular series and also very interesting. It became very famous just after its launch.

Season 2 of Dark Desire is getting late because of the pandemic. Let’s hope the season will give all the answers when it is released. Access to a Facebook post from the Muy Netflix series will premiere on Netflix from 2nd Feb 2022. So that’s all we have about the Dark and Desire season2; I hope you will enjoy the series and give us your precious reviews.

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