So we can add, view and reply to comments in Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents on our iPad or iPhone

There’s more to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote than just document content. If we want to make a suggestion, explain a change or make a contribution the best way to do it is through the comments. A very versatile and easy-to-use system, let’s see how to do it on our Mac.

Comments, modifications, suggestions, ideas, etc.

Comments on both iPhone and iPad work exactly the same in Pages or Keynote, so the steps will always be the same. We select a text in Pages or an element in Keynote and then, in the horizontal options bar we touch on Comment. Done this we simply write and press To accept at the end.

The case of Numbers is slightly different, although very similar. First, as in Pages or Numbers, we select a cell and then we touch the button Cell from the bottom of the screen. Here we choose add comment, we write the content and click Done.

Viewing the comments is just as simple. In Pages the line containing a comment will be marked with a colored box on the left side and the commented word or words will be underlined. In numbers we will see a small triangle in the upper right part of the cell. In Keynote, a small indicator will also mark the presence of an annotation. It is important that we bear in mind that we can show or hide these indicators by touching the button in the form of three dots, entering Settings and activating or deactivating the section Comments.

Answering the comment is also very simple. Once we select a comment we touch the button To answer to add an answer. This way we can fine-tune modifications and record the changes that we consider appropriate. Finally, comment that the button Get rid of it allows us, as its name suggests, to make a certain comment disappear.

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Whether it is a document in which we work with more than one person or one in which we want to leave annotations for ourselves, the comments system in Pages, Numbers and Keynote is an excellent resource. A clean and effective way to add annotations to documents.

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