‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’ has a new trailer: Netflix heats up the promising arrival of its anime based on Capcom’s zombie saga

No matter how much love I profess – which I do, and a lot – love for the ‘Resident Evil’ saga of feature films in real action that Paul WS Anderson began in 2002 and concluded in 2017 with the insane ‘Final Chapter’, There is no doubt that the best face of the video game franchise adaptations to the big and small screen has always been given by animated productions.

After more than decent proposals such as ‘Degeneration’, ‘The curse’ or the most recent ‘Vendetta’, Capcom’s zombies will once again show off 3D renders in ‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’; an animated series produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha and distributed internationally by Netflix that, after the brief teaser that was shown to us last September 2020, has just released its new – and promising – trailer.

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Dead (re) animated

In addition to giving a glimpse of a technical and visual finish at the height of the circumstances, this preview shows us the reunion between the protagonists of the magnificent -both in its original version and in its remake- ‘Resident Evil 2’, Leon S. Kennedy y Claire Redfield; they will have to cope with a loss of energy that leaves a White House infested with the undead in darkness. A potential starting point that will open the doors to all the brand’s mysteries and conspiracies.

Along with the trailer, the name of the director who will be in charge of the production has been made public, and who will be none other than Eiichiro Hasumi; responsible for feature films such as the two installments of ‘Assassination Classroom’. The Japanese has accompanied the announcement of his involvement with the following statements about the project and the way he approached it without taking into account its animated nature:

“Being involved in a job with such a long history and so many fans has given me more pleasure than pressure. Although this is a completely CGI anime, I have tried to adjust the camera work and the lighting atmosphere to resemble the kind of live action productions that I usually shoot, and infuse this work with an aura of realism. I hope that fans of the series ‘Resident Evil’ and those who are not will enjoy watching the series in one sitting.

I have inherited the spirit of many of the people who worked on previous ‘Resident Evil’ titles and have accepted the challenge of creating a new atmosphere through trial and error. I was repeatedly warned that this series could premiere on Netflix, so I focused on the scale of a Hollywood movie so foreign viewers could enjoy it too. I was never especially aware that this was going to be an anime during the production process. In fact, I think I’m realizing it now. “

‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’ will premiere in a day yet to be determined next july.

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