Open reservations: you can now buy the AirTag and the iPhone 12 in purple

You can now buy the AirTag and the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in purple. After the online Apple Store closed first thing in the morning, the company just reopened it for pre-orders for both devices. Prepare your credit card to be able to buy them as soon as possible if you are interested.

Buy the AirTag and the iPhone 12 in purple now

Today marks the first block of reservation opening of all products announced by Apple this week. You can do it by following these links:

Keep in mind that in the first minutes of the store opening, you can produce blockages of the web due to the influx of users. If there was a high demand for the new products, delivery dates would quickly shift beyond the official arrival April 30th.

The AirTags in detail: battery, water resistance, accessories, precision, privacy and more

We will have to pay attention to how the stock is developing with this small launch. As is obvious, the AirTag is the most interesting of both, so it will be necessary trace it very closely to see its performance and acceptance by users.

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