SK8 the Infinity goes viral for epic dubbing scene

Earlier this year, fans met a special kind of anime, and it seems that SK8 the Infinity it has become a phenomenon. The sports series has garnered a lot of attention thanks to its fluid animation, cute boys, and bromance.

And now, it seems that the English dubbing has done viral the anime all thanks to a clever line. The moment comes from the official English dub of SK8 the Infinity, and it’s a real blessing. You can find the clip below as it was shared on Twitter by “kaegozho”.

The reel shows a familiar skater on screen before giving one of the best lines in voiceover history. Warning! The next clip he shares with you The Truth News is a direct spoiler to the anime SK8 the Infinity (produced by BONES from My Hero Academia):

Why is SK8 the Infinity trending?

Adam (aka Ainosuke Shindo) welcomes guests to his event with an enthusiastic greeting. In fact, he refers to everyone as “bitches, siblings, and non-binary people” before telling them they’re welcome.

After all, the S founder isn’t about to deny anyone entry to games based on their genre, and this SK8 the Infinity dub has gone viral for its solid delivery. As for how it happened, voice director Kyle Phillips he had information to share in that area.

It turns out that the voice actor David Wald This wacky line is to be appreciated: “Leah is doing a fantastic job writing these scripts, but I would be remiss if I didn’t say that all the credit for that line goes to Adam’s own voice,” he shared with a wink at Wald.

SK8 the Infinity (whose full name is Skateboarding is Life in SK8 the Infinity TV) was an anime with weekly release, arriving every Saturday on the platform of Crunchyroll since January 2021. And now, Funimation is broadcasting the series of 12 episodes with English dubbing.

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