Single Parents Season 3 Release Date: Is It Happening Or Canceled?

Elizabeth Meriwether and JJ Philbin’s ‘Single Parents’ follows a group of single parents as they negotiate the challenges of maintaining both personal and professional relationships while caring for their children. Critics have praised the narrative, unusual humor, and performances of the major cast members of the situation comedy series since its premiere on September 26, 2018. If you want to know if there will be a third season of “Single Parents,” you’ve arrived at the right spot. This is all the information we have gathered so far.

Single Parents Season 3 Renewal Status

ABC announced the cancellation of Single Parents for a second season on May 21, 2020. While there is a remote possibility of Single Parents returning for a third season on ABC and Disney, the studio has confirmed that the show will not be renewed for any additional seasons.

Given its debut on Disney Plus, we aren’t anticipating Single Parents to premiere on any streaming service until at least 2023, barring a purchase by Hulu.

Single Parents Season 3 Release Date

On September 26, 2018, the series debuted. Season 1 aired from September 26, 2018, to May 8, 2019, and it consists of 23 episodes. A new season of the show, which premiered on September 25, 2019, was then energized. The following season had 22 episodes and ended on May 13, 2020. The third season of Single Parents has been canceled.

A third season premiere is expected in 2023 if the show is revived or taken up by Disney Plus or Hulu in 2020. Fans continue to have faith that ABC will change its mind or that another network would pick up the series. Commonly, we have witnessed the resurrection of once-deleted popular TV shows.

The welfare of the public is paramount. Since ABC has already announced publicly that Single Parents would not be returning for a third season, there is very little hope that the show will be revived. However, there are still openings for further innovation. On May 21st, 2020, ABC announced officially that assistance for families with only one parent would be discontinued.

Single Parents Storyline

The story begins with the gang’s meeting with Will, a divorced guy in his 30s who has lost himself in his role as a father. Will’s other single parents notice how engrossed he is in the PTA, parenting, and princesses, and they join together to get him out on dates and show him that being a parent doesn’t require giving up all of your individuality.

Single Parents Cast

  • Taran Killam as Will Cooper, a 30-something single father with a daughter.
  • Leighton Meester as Angie D’Amato, a single mother with a needy son.
  • Brad Garrett as Douglas Fogerty, an older widowed single father with identical twin daughters who often put them to work and an adult son.
  • Kimrie Lewis as Poppy Banks, a single mother with a son.
  • Jake Choi as Miggy Park, a young single father with a baby son named Jack.
  • Marlow Barkley as Sophie Cooper, Will’s daughter.
  • Tyler Wladis as Graham D’Amato, Angie’s needy son, who is named for the craps dealer in Las Vegas who helped Angie when she went into labor.
  • Devin Trey Campbell as Rory Banks, Poppy’s son who has a knack for fashion.
  • Mia and Ella Allan as Emma and Amy Fogerty, Douglas’ identical twin daughters.

Single Parents Season 3 Plot

Will and Angie’s budding romance, which has been developing throughout the first two seasons of The Single Parents, take center stage in the season two finale. In the previous episode, they have a night of drunken revelry together. But when they woke up in the morning, they had no memory of what had happened.

After the power went out, Angie informed Poppy that she and Will had been enjoying scented candles. The older lady now has an idea. She instructs Angie to burn candles until a scent brings back a certain memory. This turns out to be an excellent idea, as Angie remembers that she freely visited Will’s bed. She had plans to reconcile with Graham’s father, Derek, so this is a major setback.

Will’s feelings for Angie are sincere and have been for some time. He is nervous to tell Angie how he feels, so he has made a slide presentation to show her instead. Poppy assures him that Angie feels the same way about him. Because of his restraint, Derek and Angie have been able to repair their relationship and move on with their lives.

Separating from her pals, Angie travels to Barstow, California. On her travels, she comes upon the same candle that served as the catalyst for her earlier recollection. This time, however, it brings something fresh to light: Will told her the night before that he loves her.

Angie may return from Barstow if ‘Single Parents’ is picked up for a third season. They could be more than just friends at this point. It’s possible that we’ll learn more concerning the four renters currently occupying Angie’s previous home. Season 3 will likely focus on the strain in Douglas and Poppy’s relationship after they broke up in Season 2.

Single Parents Season 3 Trailer

There is currently no trailer for this film. If a third episode is assured, then the trailer will be released.

Single Parents Season 2 Rating

The second season of Single Parents earned a 0.60 rating among adults 18-49 and 2.57 million viewers. The respective drops from Season 1 are 32% and 24%. Despite this, the ratings for Single Parents are quite high: a 7/10 on IMDb, a 3/5 on Common Sense Media, a 4.6 Audience Rating Summary, and 78% approval from Google users.

Where to watch Single Parents?

ABC Networks, the show’s official broadcasting network, will soon screen the next episode. Access it on Disney+, Apple TV, or Google Play to see it. If you’d rather watch it online, you should get on it. Subscribers to the show’s online streaming platform can catch up on any missed episodes whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them.

Is Single Parents worth watching?

Watch Single Parents if you’re in the mood for a lighthearted show with no heavy drama, feelings, or suspense. The show “Single Parents” is enjoyable because it offers a little reprieve and a gentle, humorous diversion from serious matters. It perfectly exemplifies relaxing television.

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