Private Lives Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know Far

The South Korean crime drama Private Lives premiered on JTBC on October 7, 2020. Yoo Sung-yeol wrote the script and Nam Jun-hyuk directed it. My drama list shows that 15,461 people have viewed the show. Seohyun, Go Kyung-pyo, Kim Hyo-jin, and Kim Young-min are the main cast members. The show follows con artist Cha Joo Eun and two other swindlers, Jeong Bok Gi, and Kim Jae Wook, as they take on a corporation that Lee Jeong Hwan works for after obtaining sensitive national secrets.

Netflix also made the series available, with English subtitles. It’s not something you should watch without knowing what’s going on, as the series can get confusing and irritating for first-time k-drama viewers due to the abundance of action sequences and political drama. Although it did well in its debut season, it has been years since the first season premiered (in 2020). Read this page in its entirety if you have questions about Private Lives season 2.

Private Lives Season 2 Renewal Status

Since there was no evidence to suggest otherwise, we can assume that Private Lives will be a one-season show on the streaming service, like the majority of K-dramas. With the wedding maybe postponed after Mr. Kim’s murder in prison and the agreement for the new city outside of Seoul reaching final negotiations, the season 1 finale did partially set up a second season. If ‘inmate 4885′ did not actually die, there is plenty of potential for another season of drama, intrigue, and betrayal.

With a 6.8/10 rating on IMDB and a 90% rating on Asian Wiki, fans are hoping that Private Lives’ popularity will be enough to warrant a renewal thanks to this conclusion. Even while Netflix has yet to provide the official numbers, there is undeniably enough interest from viewers to warrant a second season.

Private Lives Season 2 Release Date

Despite widespread fan support for the first season of Private Lives, there has been no announcement of a second season as of yet. The show’s initial September release date was pushed back to October 7, 2020, due to production delays. Despite the series’ potential for a concluding second season, the creators apparently decided against it. Unfortunately for the audience, Private Lives will not be returning for a second season. The sitcom was successful abroad, but it failed to create an impression in South Korea, thus the creators have decided to end it. In the extremely unlikely event that the show is picked up for a second season, we will keep you informed.

Private Lives Season 1 Recap

The premiere of Season 1 of Private Lives was scheduled for October 7, 2020. The drama opens with a narrated scene in which each character discusses the uniqueness of their individual life. The audience is also asked to consider whether or not privacy is truly protected in a world where everyone reveals everything and data analysis records private details. The storyteller also mentions a battle on personal privacy in the Korean peninsula. We cut right to Cha Joo-Eun, who is about to get married and is over the moon with excitement.

The action, however, flashes back to 2010 once more. It demonstrates that Cha Joo-Eun’s parents are scam artists who take advantage of her. They even claim to be documentary artists. She was leaving a restaurant with her parents and Joo-Eun when she was struck by an automobile. We later learned that they staged the collision to scam money out of the motorist. Joo-Eun became a skilled con artist because she saw someone swindle her parents when she was young.

However, Joo-Eun’s ultimate goal is to avenge her parents’ deception at the hands of Jeong Bok-Gi. However, Bo-Gi is very difficult to cheat. She fell in love with Lee Jeong-hwan, whom she met at work. The remaining episodes focus on the con artists working together to foil a government and corporate plot. It also demonstrates how everyone faces and conquers their own unique challenges.

Private Lives Cast and characters

  • Seohyun as Cha Joo-eun, A 29-year-old veteran swindler who doesn’t like a hard and nasty life. She is a woman who manipulates her own private life.
  • Go Kyung-pyo as Lee Jung-hwan, GK Technology Development Team 2’s Team Manager. He is a man who threw his private life among crooks to live.
  • Kim Hyo-jin as Jeong Bok-gi/Sophia Chung, A former announcer by the name of Jeong Yoon-kyung. She is a woman who uses other people’s private lives.
  • Kim Young-min as Kim Jae-wook/Edward Kim, A swindler from GK Technology. He is a man who tramples on other people’s private lives.
  • Park Sung-geun as Cha Hyun-tae, Joo-eun’s father
  • Song Seon-mi as Kim Mi-sook, Joo-eun’s mother
  • Tae Won-seok as Hanson, Joo-eun’s mentor. He was once a boxer and a gangster. He is Mi-sook and Joo-eun’s fraud partner.
  • Jang Jin-hee as Jang Min-jung, Joo-eun’s best friend who she met at Cheongpa Women’s Prison. Min-jung used to run an illegal gambling place for women in Hwaryu.
  • Yoo Hee-je as Park Tae-joo
  • Yoon Sa-bong as Yang In-sook, retired police officer who has a soft spot for Joo-eun
  • Kim Seo-won as President Nam
  • Kim Min-sang as Kim Sang-man, director of Strategic Planning at GK Technology
  • Kim Ba-da as Woo Seok-ho, team leader of GK Electronics Strategic Planning Division 2
  • Jang Won-hyuk as Choi Yoon-seok/Choi Min-seok, a genius hacker who works at a local computer repair shop called PC Graveyard
  • Song Sang-eun as Go Hye-won, manager of the Spy Detective Agency
  • Lee Hak-joo as Kim Myung-hyun
  • Park Sung-hoon as Jung Dae-sang
  • Lee Yun-seol as Kang Soo-jin
  • Yoon Jung-hoon as Park Kyung-seop
  • Kwak Min-ho as Lee Min-kyu
  • Cha Soo-yeon as Oh Hyun-kyung, a lawyer at O&S Law Office
  • Shin Ha-young as Yoo Mi-young
  • Min Ji-oh as Yoo Byeong-joon
  • Lee Jae-eun as Ottu Restaurant employee
  • Kong Yoo-seok as Jeong Bok-gi’s chauffeur
  • Han Kyu-won as Chief Park Jin-woo
  • Kim Kang-il as criminal making deal
  • Yoo Young-bok as Lee Jung-hwan’s father
  • Kim Joo-ah as Lee Jung-hwan’s mother

Where can I watch Private Lives Season 2?

Season 2 of Private Lives has not yet been released, although the first season is available on Netflix.

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