My Hero Academia 5: the promise of Endeavor, will he be able to keep it?

Since the very first season of My Hero Academia viewers learned of the complex relationship from Shoto and his father Enji, aka Endeavor. The current Number One Hero has never been considered a model father, much less a good husband, but now he intends to remedy this situation.

The second episode of the fifth season of My Hero Academia does not only focus on the deadly battle between the couple composed of Endeavor and Hawks and the villain Dabi, but also on the dark past surrounding the Flame Hero.

In an effort to create the next generation’s strongest hero – a hero capable of surpassing even the unattainable All Might, Endeavor has driven his family to exasperation. Shoto, the one chosen to fulfill this dream, lived dedicating himself to training, far from his brothers and the common life of any child, while his wife Rei has even lost her mind. But now Enji Todoroki intends to pose remedy for mistakes made in the past.

Following the brutal fight against the High End Nomu, Endeavor suffered a very serious wound on his face, very similar to that of his son Shoto. Taking advantage of a moment in which he managed to get close to his three children, Shoto, Natsuo and Fuyumi, the Hero swears to them that he will be able to “atone for his sins”, ensuring a bright future for his family.

After breaking free fromshadow of the Peace Symbol All Might, who retired from the scene following the fight with All For One, Endeavor seems to have finally moved on and ready to write a new chapter for his family. But will she really be able to keep the promise she made to her three children?

Meanwhile, Endeavor has some unfinished business with Dabi, that’s why. We discover the mysterious mission undertaken by Hawks in My Hero Academia.

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