Shanty Town Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Despite the show’s recent release, anticipation for Shanty Town season 2 has already begun to build. Peter Okoye, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Nancy Isime, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Ini Edo, and Chidi Mokeme are among the other cast members of the series.

Each of the six episodes of the series lasts between thirty and forty-five minutes. Xavier Ighorodje and Dimeji Ajibola are the minds behind it.

“Political corruption and blood ties make freedom a near-impossible goal,” says Netflix’s synopsis of the series. “A group of courtesans tries to escape the grasp of a notorious kingpin.”

Shanty Town is notorious for its prostitution and prostitution supply, and the program follows a group of prostitutes as they attempt to escape. A handler by the name of Scar is in charge of them.

The program verges on brutality in its depiction of sex industry assaults against women. True experiences of individuals who work in the sector and are often unable to quit are presented to expose their plight. Even if it doesn’t have a huge fan base in our country, plenty of people are demanding that the program return for another season.

Shanty Town Season 2 Renewal Status

It was a performance. The anticipation for Shanty Town Season 2 has grown since the first season ended, and fans can hardly wait for it to premiere. Details on the revival of Shanty Town season 2 are of interest to the whole fanbase. There are currently no updates on the renewal of Shanty Town season 2. However, we will keep you updated as soon as we hear anything new about the series’ renewal.

Shanty Town Season 2 Release Date

First, let’s talk about the first season so we can move on to when the second one will be available. After much development, the first season of the program debuted on January 20, 2023, with a total of six episodes.

We all know that the first season of the program received nothing but negative feedback and that production on it didn’t even begin until 2022. The show’s second season has been fraught with controversy, but we must also take into account the show’s profitability due to Netflix’s large viewership.

Season 2 of the program already has a screenplay, so if production begins in 2023 as planned, we could expect to get it around the middle of 2024. Season 2 would, according to our projections, consist of six episodes, similar to the first season.

Shanty Town Storyline

A vicious tycoon called Scar, played by Chidi Mokeme, is the protagonist of Shanty Town. Scar is known for his involvement in shady dealings and is widely considered the town’s ruler.

Since it has come to light that Scar’s purportedly released prisoners never materialize, a number of the Lagos hustlers whom he and his allies have imprisoned have resolved to band together and fight him.

The residents of Shanty Town consist mostly of thugs, drug dealers, and prostitutes. A town ruled by criminals. Despite being the central figure outlined in the prologue, Inem’s existence is quickly overshadowed by the compliments she receives from people like Jackie (Mercy Eke) and Mama T (Sola Sobowale).

Shanty Town Cast

  • Chidi Mokeme as Scar
  • Ini Edo as Inem and Idong
  • Richard Mofe-Damijo as Chief Fernandez
  • Nancy Isime as Shalewa
  • Shaffy Bello as Dame Dabola
  • Mercy Eke as Jackie
  • Sola Sobowale as Mummy Tornado
  • Nse Ikpe-Etim as Ene
  • Zubby Michael as Colorado
  • Ali Nuhu as Accountant
  • Uche Jombo as Detective Janice

Shanty Town Season 2 Plot

Amanda, who is Inem’s twin sister, went undercover at Scar’s crib in the previous season to obtain evidence that would put him in prison. This popped up a whole new bag of worms, which included the elections for the governor and the entrance of a new rival gang.

The plot then moves on to introduce us to Shalewa, the protagonist, who must pay a huge sum to leave her work after the background is established. Even though she couldn’t earn that much on her own, Scar gives her another option to make up for the money she can’t get back.

After everything is said and done, the newly appointed governor goes to prison for his nasty and predatory treatment of sex workers. Simultaneously, Scar suffered many knife wounds in his own house; Ene has been arrested and sent to jail; Shalewa is plotting her escape from Shanty Town; and Amanda has returned to the fold as an undercover agent.

So many mysteries are left hanging at the conclusion, including Scar’s fate. Amanda, what are you up to now? Has Shalewa ever departed from this town for anywhere else? As the son of the governor, what will become of Femi?

Fans want a new season that deals with what happens after such a powerful finish because the current one didn’t address any of these concerns.

Shanty Town Season 2 Trailer

We still haven’t heard anything about the show’s second season, so we don’t have a trailer to go off of. You can see the first season trailer on YouTube right now.

Shanty Town Season 1 Rating

The first season of Shanty Town was well-received by critics and viewers alike, who were enthusiastic about the program and bestowed good ratings and reviews on it. Around 95% of Google users have enjoyed viewing this program, Shanty Town, and it has an average rating score of 6.6/10 on the IMDb rating website.

Where to watch Shanty Town?

You can now watch the most recent season of the new Netflix comedy Shanty Town online on the streaming service’s website.

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