5th Generation The Honda City Brochure 2020 Is Leaked!


The Honda automobile industry is famous for manufacturing the most valid cars, good structure design which is popular across the world. Recently, the Honda City Brochure is leaked in the automobile market. The City Brochure appeared in 2020 but, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the company postponed the launch of the Brochure.

Performance Details

The Brochure will come up with, continuously variable transmission technology, that will make the Brochure polished. It will available in diesel as well as petrol engines with 1.5 liters tank which is able to generate 100 and 118 ps powers sequentially.

Along with that, it has a feature of connectivity of Alexa with a sedan that, can help you in a blind-spot monitoring system in your sedan. For comfort ness, the leather seats, stern AC system, are approachable in this sedan. The 7 inches long touchscreen with G-meter and also with the infotainment system is expected from the Brochure.

The front look of the sedan is decorated with full LED headlights along with 9 LED array lights. The Z-shaped LED lights for the edge and side indicating lamps are fascinating.

The 980 mp steel body makes the Brochure hard, fast, and tougher. The lane watch camera feature makes well informed to the driver from the surrounding conditions. The attractive design along with the stylish touch electric sunroof it definitely distracts the dealers.

The Alexa feature will help the driver to command the car’s interior technical segments. And also, its the first time the Alexa feature will come in first in India.

For safety purposes, it has 6 airbags, the monitoring of tires system, sedan stability control, 3-point seat belt features that are available in the Brochure. For enjoying the hill adventure the hill assistant system will take place in the Brochure.


The starting pricing of the City Brother is around 11 to 15 lakh approximately.

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