Sailor Moon vs Goku and other anime characters you can defeat

Yes OK Sailor Moon may seem like a clumsy character, maybe even weak compared to today’s shonen heroes for those who haven’t seen the serie As a whole, she has the potential to possibly beat every character she comes across.

At the end of the series Minde, Sailor Moon can create and destroy entire universes. She becomes faster than light, can teleport, and much more. Usagi Tsukino He has the ability to take down his entire team with one hit.

In its form of Sailor Cosmos, he has practically all the unfathomable abilities and can withstand the destruction of his body, mind and soul. Many viewers are quick to jump in and claim that he is a weak hero based on his appearance, but in reality, he can probably destroy everything. What characters can you defeat?

Sailor Moon can beat Goku

Goku vs Sailor Moon is probably one of the most controversial topics in the anime community. But from an unbiased point of view, Sailor Moon looks like she would take victory here. Usagi and the Saiyan would probably be friends and fight together rather than against each other.

But in their ultimate forms, the two most likely match in speed, strength, and abilities. Sailor Moon’s magic is available wherever you need it, while Goku needs to power up to enter his different Saiyan modes.

Sailor Moon is stronger than Nezuko

Nezuko Kamado vs Sailor Moon

Sailor moon probably I would find Nezuko adorable and he would want to help her and her brother, Tanjiro, more than anything else. But if Nezuko’s hypnosis wears off and she attacks Sailor Moon, Usagi would definitely win.

Nezuko seems to be the strongest demon in Kimetsu no Yaiba, but Sailor Moon is even stronger and faster than the girl. Nezuko’s demonic flames and claws would be useless for Sailor Moon’s invulnerability and rebirths. Sailor Moon could probably knock out Nezuko, ending the fight.

Hunter x Hunter Gon loses to Usagi

Gon de Hunter x Hunter vs Sailor Moon

Yes OK Gon is an extremely skilled fighter and lucky, Sailor Moon’s abilities will once again take victory here. This fight would definitely be close, but Sailor Moon has all of Gon’s abilities, and she’s a bit stronger with them.

Again, it’s easy to see that Gon and Usagi would become friends for anything else in their anime series. They both have bubbly personalities and deeply appreciate their friends. Gon and Usagi also act about the same age, but in a battle, Sailor Moon would win.

Ichigo from Bleach is defeated by Sailor Moon.

Like Sailor Moon, Ichigo seems to gain a new power based on who he’s fighting, a constant meme within the fandom of Bleach. Ichigo has powers from all the supernatural creatures he has ever faced, usually for some (kind of silly) reason.

But it always takes Ichigo a while to learn his new skill and master it. This would be when Sailor Moon would attack. She is powerful and although she may not be the best in a sword fight, Usagi could use her skills to stop time and change reality. She would hit him.

Naruto has no chance against Sailor Cosmos

Ichigo de Bleach vs Sailor Moon
Naruto Uzumaki vs Sailor Moon

Another extremely tough battle, Naruto becomes a fierce opponent. In his final form, Naruto can destroy the moon, which could prove troublesome for Sailor Moon. However, in its ultimate form, it could destroy the entire universe.

He can also manipulate reality, preventing Naruto from taking actions against him. Sailor Moon is faster than Naruto in terms of speed, but they both thrive when they have the help of their friends and your team.

Like everyone else on this list, Naruto and Sailor Moon would probably end up becoming friends for anything else. They are also extremely similar, the childish, unique and blonde protagonists of their respective series. But with Sailor Cosmos, The Truth News reveals that Usagi would take this victory.

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