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 Roger Floyd joins the second season of Doom Patrol as Red Jack

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Roger Floyd will be Jack the Red in the second season of Doom Patrol

Another of the DC Universe series that has already confirmed a second season is "Doom Patrol", adaptation of this peculiar group of cartoons. The first season was broadcast last 2019 and we already know that they are actively working on a second one that will reach both the streaming service and HBO Max, a platform created by Warner Bros. to group all its contents.

Now we know the incorporation of a new name to the cast. As can be read in IMDB, the actor Roger Floyd ("Graceland," "Macgyver") will appear in the third episode as Jack the Red / Red Jack, character created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case in the nineties during his time in the team's collection. This being believed to be God and only the efforts of Crazy Jane managed to subdue him. As for its incorporation, sometimes IMDB is not particularly reliable about these things but the same actor has reacted to its incorporation, giving validity To the subject.

Recently we have learned that the production of the second season of "Doom Patrol", which has not yet marked a release date but is expected for this 2020.

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