Gentleman Jack Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

Gentleman Jack has returned with a second critically lauded season, following in the footsteps of real-life diarist and Yorkshire landowner Anne Lister, who broke the fourth wall. Suranne Jones plays Anne Lister and Sophie Rundle plays rich heiress Ann Walker on the show. The couple secretly wed at the end of the first season, dedicating themselves to each other and merging their assets.

Fans were enamored with the story and the acting. And the critical reception was excellent as well. The big question, though, is unchanged: Will there be a third season? Learn everything there is to know about the third season of Gentleman Jack right here.

Gentleman Jack Season 3 Renewal Status

The series’ cancellation after two seasons was announced by HBO in July 2022. So, it’s quite unlikely that the network will renew the show, as numerous high-profile shows have been canceled this year.

There was a significant fan following for the show, and they wanted to see additional seasons so they could achieve the satisfying conclusion they felt these adored characters deserved. Even though the program had the potential to improve after revising the screenplay with some fresh themes and adding something new to the character arcs, Gentleman Jack has sadly joined a similar list of canceled series.

Gentleman Jack Storyline

In 1832, a heartbroken Miss Anne Lister leaves Hastings for the verdant environment of Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, where she will restore the estate she inherited from her uncle. As she works to restore the estate, she discovers that a coal mine on family land is being taken from by her two brothers. This peculiar landowner keeps a secret diary in which she details her deadly affair with a woman named Ann Walker.

Gentleman Jack Cast

  • Suranne Jones as Anne Lister
  • Sophie Rundle as Ann Walker, Anne Lister’s fiancée, and later, wife.
  • Joe Armstrong as Samuel Washington, land steward for both Ann Walker and Anne Lister
  • Amelia Bullmore as Eliza Priestley, wife of William Priestley
  • Rosie Cavaliero as Elizabeth Cordingley, cook-housekeeper for the Listers and former lady’s maid to Anne Lister
  • Gemma Whelan as Marian Lister, Anne Lister’s sister
  • Gemma Jones as Aunt Anne Lister
  • Timothy West as Capt. Jeremy Lister, Anne Lister’s father
  • Tom Lewis as Thomas Sowden, one of Anne Lister’s tenants
  • Stephanie Cole as Aunt Ann Walker
  • George Costigan as James Holt, who works for Anne Lister and helps with managing her coal business
  • Peter Davison as William Priestley, Ann Walker’s cousin and one of the trustees of her entailed estate
  • Shaun Dooley as Jeremiah Rawson, Ann Walker’s cousin and Christopher Rawson’s brother
  • Vincent Franklin as Christopher Rawson, a magistrate and Ann Walker’s cousin
  • Lydia Leonard as Marianna Lawton, Anne Lister’s ex-lover with whom she occasionally sleeps
  • Katherine Kelly as Elizabeth Sutherland, Ann Walker’s sister who lives in Scotland with her husband and children
  • Derek Riddell as Elizabeth’s husband, Captain Sutherland
  • Amy James-Kelly as Suzannah Washington, eldest daughter of Samuel Washington
  • Thomas Howes as John Booth, head gardener for the Listers
  • Albane Courtois as Eugénie Pierre, Anne Lister’s femme de chambre or French lady’s maid
  • Ben Hunter as Joseph Booth, the Listers’ manservant and brother of John Booth
  • Daniel Weyman as Dr Kenny, the local doctor for Ann Walker, Aunt Anne Lister, Capt. Jeremy Lister and Henry Hardcastle
  • John Hollingworth as Mr Abbott, Marian Lister’s suitor
  • Saul Marron as James Mackenzie, Ann Walker’s manservant
  • Anthony Flanagan as Samuel Sowden, Thomas Sowden’s alcoholic and violent father, and as Ben Sowden, Samuel Sowden’s brother and Thomas’s uncle
  • Rupert Vansittart as Charles Lawton, Marianna Lawton’s husband
  • Sylvia Syms as Mrs. Rawson, mother of Christopher Rawson and Jeremiah Rawson
  • Brendan Patricks as Reverend Thomas Ainsworth, a man who raped Ann Walker and later proposes to her
  • Jodhi May as Vere Hobart, later Lady Vere Cameron, Anne Lister’s former traveling companion and unrequited love
  • Sofie Gråbøl as Queen Marie of Denmark
  • Stephanie Hyam as Sophie Ferrall
  • Julie Agnete Vang as Countess (Emily) Blücher, Sophie’s elder sister
  • Joanna Scanlan as Anne Lister’s former lover, Isabella “Tib” Norcliffe

Gentleman Jack Season 3

If the show had been renewed for a third season, it would have carried up the story right here and built on it to examine the character relationships and subplots, which might have encouraged fans to stick around for the long haul. These synopses give an overview of the story, but they don’t give the full image that the show’s creators may have envisioned when they were adapting the book.

If the season had continued, who knows what major revelations or surprises might have been made, or how the series would have ended. The series’ brief lifespan means that viewers will never know how their favorite characters might have progressed. Thus, if the show had been revived, which is a shame because it held promise and people were willing to give it a shot,

Where to watch Gentleman Jack?

The show is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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