Outriders: How to Get Legendary Weapons and Equipment Easily

Improving our character as much as possible goes through getting the best weapons and equipment possible. It occurs in other titles of the style and it will not be less with the latest work of People Can Fly. We help you get legendary weapons and equipment in Outriders in the simplest way possible.

How to get legendary weapons and equipment in Outriders

There are several methods to obtain legendary weapons and equipment in Outriders. We are going to review all the methods and we are also going to tell you which ones are the best. Choose what you like the most and what you think will compensate for mass farming.

World levels

The World Levels or World Tier of Outriders will directly mark the obtaining (or not) of weapons and legendary equipment. It will be between levels 12 and 15 (both included) the only ones that offer rewards of this type to players. So upload it until you find yourself there.

Farming on Expeditions

Increasing your Challenge level and earning Gold ranks will increase your chances of earning legendary gear and weapons in Outriders. We do not recommend that you replay the story missions, but we do recommend that you do it with the Expeditions.

Tiago at Camp

Tiago will sell legendary weapons and gear at his camp stall, although to be able to do it you will have to have reached level 45 at least.

Hunting and Search Missions

They are the best missions to obtain legendary weapons and equipment in Outriders once you have finished the main campaign. Those of hunting and those of killing targets. There are a total of 10 missions of each type in-game and are well worth completing.

Three specific side missions

By last, There are three side missions that provide equipment and legendary weapons as a reward once we finish them. The first is The Legacy of the Outrider in Trench City, the second is Big Iron in Desolate Fort and the third is Forgotten Chapel, as long as you collect the chest that includes the reward (and that we show you in the following image).

These are, for now, the best methods to obtain legendary weapons and equipment in Outriders. You already know where and how to farm it. If you need more help with the game, here we have 19 tips and tricks from Outriders specially designed for newcomers.

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