Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2: Did The Show Get Renewed Or Canceled?

After more than a year since the series finale of “Lovers of the Red Sky,” speculation regarding a possible second season has begun. Despite the happy ending, many viewers were left wondering what happened to Ha Ram and Chun Gi after the credits rolled. The first episode of the K-drama aired in late August, and the last one was released in late October. The viewers were glued to their seats during the entire historical fiction play.

There were strong moments, but many viewers also found the presentation to be tediously slow in the middle. However, it still maintained its lead in the ratings. The novel “Hong Chun Gi” served as inspiration for this drama about doomed lovers Chung Gi and Ha Ram. One of them was the daughter of a god, and both of them were born into divine households. And the other is the astrologer’s son who serves the king.

The ghost of Ma Wang cast its spell over both of their lives. being childhood pals who drift apart But as their paths eventually intersected again after so many years, the answers to their questions began to become clear. The celestial painter, Chun Gi, comes to the palace to create a portrait of the deceased king. Ha Ram is plotting his vengeance against the royal dynasty that slaughtered his father.

Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 Renewal Status

On August 31, 2021, the first episode of Lover of the Red Sky, a historical love drama, debuted on SBS TV. Meanwhile, the show ended with the October 25, 2021 airing of the final episode. Meanwhile, there has been no official word from the SBS network on whether or not Lovers of the Red Sky will return for a second season.

We all know that South Korean dramas only run for one season, so there’s not much hope that these shows will return. On the contrary hand, we know that both halves of the novel “Hong Chun Gi” were turned into the show in the same season. As a result, the show has run its course and won’t be back for a second season.

Lovers Of The Red Sky Storyline

After Cheong-gi and Samsin had finished making their perpetual vessel, Cheong-gi and Ha Ram shut Mawang inside. Meanwhile, she double-checked that the Mawang curse had been broken. For the sake of the couple’s harmonious coexistence. The series concludes with the couple having built a successful life together. Ha Ram and Cheong-gi tied the knot and welcomed a healthy baby boy five years after the Mawang was sealed.

However, Prince Joohyun and Prince Yangmyung’s dispute is far from resolved. Joohyn spent five years in jail due to his treasonous actions. With the aid of Gisaeng, he plotted a rebellion. On the day that Yangmyung went to see Cheong-gi and Ha Ram, the uprising started. The moment his brother made an appearance, it was clear he wasn’t going anywhere. Joohyun escaped from prison and attacked palace guards in an attempt to kill his brother for good.

It was Joo Hyn’s only shot at becoming Mawang’s vessel again and taking the kingdom. He contracted an illness from Mawang when they were both children, and it never left him. He had nothing more to say and was desperately holding on. Nonetheless, by the series’ conclusion, the two brothers are virtually even. However, the victor of the conflict and our final score was not revealed.

Lovers Of The Red Sky Cast

  • Kim Yoo-jung as Hong Cheon-gi, A genius female painter with divine power; she was born blind due to the curse of the Demon King, but miraculously open her eyes by God’s blessing.
  • Lee Nam-kyung as young Hong Cheon-gi
  • Ahn Hyo-seop as Ha Ram (Ilwolseong), A red-eyed man who lost his sight due to the unknown accident while attending a rain making ritual in his childhood.
  • Choi Seung-hoon as young Ha Ram
  • Gong Myung as Grand Prince Yangmyeong (Yi Yul), The third son of King Seongjo, a leisurely prince who is known to be an expert at painting, calligraphy and poetry.
  • Kim Jung-cheol as young Grand Prince Yangmyeong
  • Kwak Si-yang as Grand Prince Juhyang (Yi Hu), The second son of King Seongjo, a man who wishes the throne he can not have.
  • Park Sang-hoon as young Grand Prince Juhyang
  • Choi Kwang-il as Hong Eun-ho, Hong Cheon-gi’s father, a former painter at Gohwawon (Royal Painting Bureau) who lost consciousness from a major event 19 years ago.
  • Kim Kwang-kyu as Choi Won-ho, Head Master of Beak-yoo Painting Society who cares of Hong Cheon-gi as his own daughter.
  • Yoon Sa-bong as Kyun-ju, The person in charge of housekeeping of the Baek-yoo Painting Group. She treats Hong Cheon-gi like her daughter.
  • Hong Kyung as Choi Jung, He is the most famous painter in Gohwawon and has a talent for painting portraits.
  • Hong Jin-ki as Cha Young-wook, Cheon-gi’s best friend and fellow painter at Baek-yoo Painting Group
  • Kim Hyun-mok as Mansoo, Ha Ram’s servant
  • Song Won-seok as Moo-yeong, Ha Ram’s escort warrior who owns martial arts.
  • Ha Yu-li as Mae-hyang, A gisaeng who helps Ilwolseong of Wolseongdang.
  • Jo Sung-ha as King Seongjo
  • Ko Kyu-pil as Go Pil
  • Jang Hyun-sung as Han Geon
  • Kim Joo-young as Lee Hyun-mo
  • Chae Kook-hee as Mi-su
  • Jung Dong-geun as Ahn Young-hoe
  • Cha Ji-hyuk as Prince Juhyang’s escort warrior

Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 Plot

At the conclusion of Lovers of the Red Sky, several issues were resolved. The brothers’ eventual demise is the first. The King has chosen Prince Yang Myung to succeed him as ruler. We watched both brothers’ troops assaulting each other while Prince Joo Yang was in jail for all the trouble he caused. It was unclear which of the two brothers would emerge victorious and assume the kingdom.

The circumstances of Joo Yang’s prison break are unknown. While it is still unclear what, if anything, Mae Hyang is. Ha Ram abandoned her, so she linked arms with Joo Yang. Both the true narrative of Hwacha and the reason the divine painters went mad must be made public. Many fans have already formed conspiracy theories.

The show’s cliffhanger ending had viewers wondering which sibling emerged victorious. There have been rumors that Ha Ram will return to the capital. Since Ma Wang’s spirit is still ascending in Prince Joo Yang’s body, all it takes is one unlucky day for Ma Wang to once again emerge from the painting.

If Prince Yang Myung prevails in battle, Ha Ram, as a royal figure, will return to help his son become ready for his new responsibilities. Ha Ram might have to return early, ready to fight and risk his life, if Prince Joo Yang wins the fight and inherits the spirit of Ma Wang.

Where to watch Lovers Of The Red Sky?

All over the world, you can watch Season 1 of “Lovers of the Red Sky” on streaming platforms like Rakuten Viki and Viu. Each of the show’s 16 episodes clocks in at roughly an hour and a half to two hours. In just two or three days, fans may catch up on the entire season of the show.


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