Rick and Morty: a book that will reveal all the secrets of rick

Only a few weeks to go until Rick and Morty ‘s fourth season comes out and the producers are determined to ride the wave of success. To sweeten (or make crueler?) The wait arrives in the bookstore.


” The Science of Rick and Morty: The Unofficial Guide to Earth’s Stupidest Show” the book that promises to reveal the secrets of Rick’s mind.

One of the most famous episodes is certainly “The Rickshank Rickdemption”. In the episode during a journey through his memories, Rick recounts the invention of the shoals. The tragic events that accompanied the year and the Szechuan sauce that made it possible.

It is only in the last few minutes that we discover that everything is false. No one except the visionary scientist will ever know the truth … Or maybe not?

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With This Book “The Science of Rick and Morty: The Unofficial Guide to Earth’s Stupidest Show”. The writer and cartoonist Matt Brady tries to analyze and explain Rick’s crazy inventions. He also succeeds in the best way. He fully identifies himself in the character, with the seriousness of who is writing a true scientific treatise. Here is an excerpt from the guide:

” Editing someone’s memories as Rick did is very easy and anyone can do it. A subject is to remember a moment in his past. The interrogator has some information about that precise moment and can direct the flow of the conversation. As mentioned previously, memories are vulnerable when they are actively remembered: all the examiner has to do to modify them is to gently mix a couple of real memories with a fake one and then ask the subject to describe that particular moment. do nothing but repeat this simple passage on oneself again and again, until the secret of the shelling is made impenetrable. “

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A precision worthy of Nolan ‘s Inception, What is this, a crossover episode?

Whether it’s on the small screen or in the pages of a book. We just can’t resist Rick’s charm and luckily we won’t have to wait much longer: Morty will return to his crazy grandfather’s side in Adult Swim together with old acquaintances from the universe by Rick and Morty. Wubba lubba dub dub!

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