Reality Z Season 2 Release Date: Is It Returning For Another Season?

The genre mashup “Reality Z” depicts is a “zombie horror comedy.” The Brazilian adaptation of Cláudio Torres’s Dead Set is based on the British series of the same name and uses the same formula. After being assaulted by brain-eating zombies, a group of reality TV stars becomes trapped inside a house. Do you want to know if Season 2 of ‘Reality Z’ will be made after the first season’s ten episodes of chaos? Are you interested?

Reality Z Season 2 Renewal Status

As of this writing, Netflix has not announced Reality Z’s cancellation or renewal. Given the relative newness of the series, this is to be expected. Netflix’s decision on the future of an Original may take many weeks.

Reality Z Season 2 Release Date

Assuming Netflix does order additional episodes of Reality Z, we may have to wait a while before hearing anything concrete about when season 2 of the show will debut. The first season was published in June 2020, thus it’s safe to anticipate the second installment will come out around the same time in 2021. However, in practice, the time between updates is more likely to exceed a year. The second season of Reality Z is currently scheduled for a summer 2023 premiere.

Production delays are being experienced worldwide as a result of the epidemic, and this will be taken into account when renewing Reality Z for a second season. Reality Z season 2 may take some time to materialize, despite the fact that certain projects have resumed with updated safety requirements and practices. Fans may rewatch the first season of Reality Z on Netflix right now and wonder which actors will return for the second season until the premiere date is announced.

Reality Z Season 2 Cast

  • Ana Hartmann as Nina
  • Emílio de Mello as Alberto Levi
  • Carla Ribas as Ana Schmidt
  • Ravel Andrade as Leo Schmidt
  • Guilherme Weber as Brandão and the voice of Zeus
  • Luellem de Castro as Teresa
  • João Pedro Zappa as TK and Hermes
  • Hanna Romanazzi as Jessica and Aphrodite
  • Jesus Luz as Lucas
  • Pierre Baitelli as Robson
  • Leandro Daniel as Augusto and Ares
  • Gabriel Canella as Marcos and Apollo
  • Natália Rosa as Veronica and Athena
  • Wallie Ruy as Madonna and Dionysus
  • Arlinda Di Baio as Cleide and Demeter
  • Julia Ianina as Cristina
  • Sabrina Sato as Divina McCall
  • Leda Nagle as Nora Werneck
  • Cinnara Leal as Clara
  • Erom Cordeiro as Marcelo
  • Bruno Bellarmino as Tysson
  • Saulo Arcoverde as Eric
  • Thelmo Fernandes as Peixe
  • Mariah de Moraes as Producer assistant
  • André Dale as José Peixoto
  • Charles Fricks as Dr. Fábio Lima

Reality Z Season 2 Plot

Charlie Brooker’s 2008 zombie comedy, “Dead Set,” served as inspiration for “Reality Z.” Filming for ‘Olimpo, The House of Gods’ takes place in a studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, a zombie epidemic breaks out in the midst of the gunfire. Therefore, the competitors are huddled together within the studio, holding on for dear life.

The future is a foregone conclusion. When the zombies burst through the walls and invade the home, there is a lot of cutting, hacking, and running. AVOID SPOILERS! The season’s plot, however, appears to have concluded. Given that the series is an anthology, this was to be expected. The second season will follow a new storyline while remaining true to the show’s zombie/horror roots. But for the time being, everything is being kept under wraps. As more information becomes available, we will add it here.

Reality Z Season 2 Trailer

There is not, and will not be any time soon, a trailer for season 2 of Reality Z. We will be sure to let everyone know as soon as Netflix releases this terrifying teaser.

Reality Z Season 1 Review

The events of Reality Z can be divided into two distinct halves. Taking inspiration from Dead Set and depicting a like-for-like replication so early in the show does not help the show stand out from the glut of undead entertainment already available. After the first few episodes, Reality Z finds its footing and becomes a remarkably enjoyable zombie series, one that frequently replaces its cast of disposable characters and treats the zombie menace seriously.

The series relies heavily on practical effects, so graphic violence and bloodshed are regular features. It’s not for the faint of heart, but Reality Z undermines some of its own good work with cheesy montage bits at the end of each episode and a lot of slow-motion views that dilute the excitement of the moment. The dark comedy, though, shows up at just the right times and provides some excellent comic relief. One example of the success of this absurdist humor is when the housemates cheer for a blood-soaked producer who runs into the house thinking she is a new housemate.

Reality Z, being in the same genre as other zombie shows, inevitably has its shortcomings. The end of the world is depicted in a very standard fashion, everything happens in a whirlwind, and none of the characters are really interesting. It takes a bit to get to the wonderful material that makes the voyage worthwhile, but the episodes are simple and breezy and do a nice job of keeping things moving quickly.

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