Quest Supremacy Chapter 116 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Quest Supremacy Chapter 116 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The upcoming release of Quest Supremacy Chapter 113 has the fans ecstatic. The valiant battle between Jintae and Soohyun ends tragically. Soohyun won the challenge thanks to his superior card collection.

Compared to Jintae, he possessed more hand strength. Once more taking the lead in Chapter 112, Soohyun used a buff card to boost his already outstanding stats. This allowed him to skillfully avoid all of Jintae’s blows before they made contact.

But Soohyun did more than just duck under the blow; he struck Jintae in the face with a crushing Old-School Taekkyon attack. In Chapter 113, Soohyun appears prepared to focus on Choyun.

His vast card collection plus martial arts experience make him a dangerous foe for Choyun. The end of the struggle is drawing near.

Popular manhwa Quest Supremacy enthralls readers with its distinct plot and thrilling gameplay features.

The captivating manga “Quest Supremacy,” written by Park Tae-Jun Comic Company and Yu Nuni, transports readers to a universe where fulfilling real-world missions lead to prizes and empowerment.

Suhyeon Kim, an avid gaming fan who experiences bullying at school, sets out on a number of quests that offer alluring rewards, turning him from a social pariah into a well-known person.

We will explore the universe of “Quest Supremacy” in this piece and bring you the most recent details regarding Chapter 114’s release date, reading location, and any possible spoilers and raw scans.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 116 is something that manga readers are really looking forward to and getting pretty enthusiastic about.

This will be a single location for all the latest information. It will alert you to countdowns, release dates, locations for raw scans, and more.

Greetings, fans of entertainment! For all of you hungry fans out there, Quest Supremacy Chapter 111 will almost ready for release, and we have the inside information.

If you’ve been following this series religiously, you aren’t going to want to skip this article as it contains all the important details concerning Quest Supremacy.

The exciting storyline of a gifted developer’s quest to build spectacular residences is set to continue in this much awaited episode of the well-liked estate development series.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 116 Release Date

Quest Supremacy Chapter 116 will be available at 12:00 a.m. KST on December 11, 2023. Fans in other countries will be able to access the most recent chapter of Quest Supremacy based on their local time zone. For instance, the chapter will be available for reading by Indian fans on December 4, 2023, at 8:30 p.m. IST.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 116 Trailer

Quest Supremacy Chapter 116 Plot

Quest Supremacy’s previous chapter had a section about the well-known role-playing game Suhyeon Kim. It encourages pupils to take on difficult assignments without worrying about feeling afraid.

While the game encourages kids to engage in fun activities, it also recognizes that they can occasionally be highly challenging.

As the story progresses, it will be fascinating to observe how the game challenges and motivates the kids to achieve greater heights.

Because of Suhyeon Kim’s popularity and large fan base, pupils could have trouble deciding which activities are right for them to do. It’s critical to take into account the possible advantages as a result.

In the last Quest Supremacy chapter, it was demonstrated how students overcome their worries and phobias to accept new challenges in the game, which improved their character development and skill sets.

If Soohyun used all of the cards in his collection that showed different special abilities, he would undoubtedly win.

With only ordinary attack cards, Soohyun launches an instant attack on Jintae to carry out this deceitful scheme.

Nevertheless, it would seem a waste to use those cards right now as Choyun is closely observing this conflict from behind the scenes.

Choyun would discover crucial information that would support him in his impending confrontation with Soohyun.

Since Choyun hasn’t yet seen almost all the playing cards in Soohyun’s hand, Soohyun decides to take a chance.

For now, he wants to keep the extent of his assets a secret. His plan is to keep Choyun from realizing it until it’s too late.

With only ordinary attack cards, Soohyun launches an instant attack on Jintae to carry out this deceitful scheme.

When Soohyun sees a gap in Jintae’s defenses, he tries to surprise him by grappling.

But exercising caution is far more difficult than anticipated. Jintae skillfully deflects Soohyun’s frontal attack and responds with equally powerful punches.

Even with Choyun’s improvements, Soohyun discovers that he still lacks total control over Jintae.

Soohyun might still have a shot if he can turn the tide to a contest of strategy and intelligence.

Readers saw Hajun Gu & Haru Seong debating whether or not to put Gangbuk back together in the preceding chapter.

A heated discussion on the mounting dangers from North Gangbuk High School results from Haru Seong’s emotional reaction to the surprise proposal, which makes her remember their previous chats.

As the stakes rise and Haru Seong’s fear grows as their loved ones are in danger, readers are left excitedly awaiting the events of the upcoming chapter.

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