Perfect Marriage Revenge Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of Perfect Marriage Revenge, a new Korean drama series. Having two protagonists who couldn’t be more different from one another enhances the compelling tale. The protagonists and antagonists of each episode are based on actual individuals.

A lot of people started talking about doing new programs once the first season was successful. The characters in the drama series have unquestionably touched the hearts of viewers. To top it all off, the band is legendary, so you can expect nothing less than the finest.

The majority of you have already seen the program, and we can only imagine how eager you are to see where the creators take it from here. This article will provide a detailed discussion of Season 2 of Perfect Marriage Revenge. Do you all want to know more? If you don’t want to miss a bit about the show, you should keep reading the article.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Season 2 Release Date

Jidam Studio has not yet confirmed the premiere date for Perfect Marriage Revenge season 2. The second season of Perfect Marriage Revenge has also not revealed its cast. But don’t expect any of these revelations until the first season of this vengeance drama concludes.

The ratings will only be released after the conclusion of this fanciful Korean vengeance serial.  Therefore, Jidam Studio will hold off until the conclusion of this revenge drama, when the ratings are in. However, we find this drama to be engaging, and it is progressing admirably.

Thus, Perfect Marriage Revenge Season 2 might premiere in 2025 or toward the end of 2024. At this point, fans may enjoy Season 1’s main story just as it is.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Story 

Han Yi-joo, played by Jung Yoo-min, is the innocent oldest daughter of a wealthy family in the year 2023. She puts in a lot of time and effort to win over her family, particularly her mother (Lee Jung-hye), who is cold and unsympathetic toward her, and who she entertains by creating recreations of great paintings.

Yoo Se-hyuk (Oh Seung-yoon) has emotions for Yi-joo’s younger sister and has filed for divorce. Yi-joo also learns that her husband, Lee Jung-hye, has been deceiving customers by selling them imitations and has accused her of the crime.

Because he is so overwhelmed, Yi-joo flees the scene and is involved in a terrible vehicle accident. Despite making it out alive, Jung-hye’s aide murders her while she’s still in the hospital. The next thing she knows, she’s still engaged and has woken up in 2022—exactly one year before the disaster.

After deciding she wants vengeance on her family and fiancé, she goes looking for her younger sister’s fiancé, Seo Do-guk (Sung Hoon), and proposes to him. His only condition for agreeing to the marriage is that he must earn his grandmother’s confidence.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Cast

  • Sung Hoon as Seo Do-guk
  • Jung Yoo-min as Han Yi-joo,
  • Jin Ji-hee as Han Yoo-ra
  • Kang Shin-hyo as Seo Jong-wook
  • Oh Seung-yoon as Yoo Se-hyuk
  • Lee Min-young as Lee Jung-hye
  • Jeon No-min as Han Jin-woong
  • Lee Byung-joon as Han Woon-jae
  • Ban Hyo-jung as Lee Tae-ja
  • Kim Eung-soo as Seo Young-kyun
  • Lee Mi-sook as Cha Yeon-hwa
  • Oh Ha-nee as Seo Do-na

Perfect Marriage Revenge Season 1 Ending

The first season of Perfect Marriage Revenge is still ongoing. Given this, it is currently unable to make a reliable prediction about the finale. Fans, however, have already speculated on the finale of this vengeance thriller. To keep the storyline going in season 2, fans are hoping that this high-voltage drama ends on a cliffhanger.

The narrative will heavily feature Yi Joo and Do Guk’s relationship.  Soon, the extent to which Yi Joo can control her resentment towards Do Guk will be unveiled. Yi Joo is likely to develop romantic feelings for Do Guk in due time.

Although Yi Joo’s tragedy is well-known, the audience will also learn about the pain Do Guk endured. Do Guk has been through a lot. After Perfect Marriage Revenge’s first season, we will learn the truth about many individuals and their troubled histories. Additionally, the show reveals Yi Joo’s ability to exact her vengeance.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Season 2 Plot

Fans of Perfect Marriage Revenge are hoping for a more dramatic storyline and more levels of suspense in the upcoming second season. If the drama incorporates elements of a psychological thriller, viewers will be captivated by the suspense. Season two of a drama series may pick up where season one left off, or it may continue with some ties to the original.

New characters could appear in season 2 if the narrative has nothing to do with season 1. Having said that, you can expect characters who are every bit as interesting as those from season 2. Viewers will have a better time with the following season if the narrative is more interesting. Season 2 of Perfect Marriage Revenge will show the depth of relationships as well as more betrayals of all types.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no official video for Part 2 of Perfect Marriage Revenge. The show’s creator has just recently released the pilot episode. Watch the official music video for it right here if you haven’t already.

A second point is that the producers will most likely release the official music video if the program returns for a second season. The show’s production details have not been revealed yet.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Rating

A whopping 9.4 out of 10 from IMDB for this vengeance drama spanning 13 episodes. This Korean revenge drama has also received a nearly flawless 9.8/10 rating from Viki.

Where to watch Perfect Marriage Revenge?

You can only watch Perfect Marriage Revenge on Viki, the official site. Viki may hold the streaming rights to Perfect Marriage Revenge Season 2. Along with this, you can watch the drama on Kocowa, VIU, OnDemand Korea, and Rakuten, among other legal streaming platforms.

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