PAC-MAN 99: Best Essential Tips and Tricks for Nintendo Switch Online Battle Royale

No matter how many years pass: the formula of the classic Namco Pac-Man does not lose steam. Going through mazes avoiding colored ghosts continues to haunt millions of people around the world 40 years after its debut in arcade games.

The latest genius? PAC-MAN 99 proposes Nintendo Switch Online subscribers to play 99 games simultaneously and compete among the participants to be the Pac-One, the last kite to be eliminated. A madness that follows in the wake of Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35.

A new Battle Royale that radiates the essence of Atari classics and arcade games. And although it might seem that we have a one in 99 chance of being winners, with some skill and the odd trick we will soon master PAC-MAN 99. Precisely for this reason, at VidaExtra we have prepared a very special guide for you.

Here are the best essential tips and tricks for PAC-MAN 99, el Battle Royale de Nintendo Switch Online:

1º The basics: customize the controls


Although the control system of the classic Pac-Man is basic and we only need to use an address cross, in PAC-MAN 99 we will have to establish a strategy or later using extra levers and buttons to change style and objective.

It won’t take long for us to get used to using the right hand, but if you want to avoid a scare by mistaking one for the other in the final stretch of the game, it is advisable to set each function aside from settings. And, already put, give a use to the left lever.

Adjusting the controls to your liking is a small change that takes just minutes and will serve us well in the long run. And if you see that the vibration does not bring you anything either, take advantage and remove it.

2º These are the danger zones of the labyrinth


There are four zones in the classic mazes of Pac-Man in which we will be especially defenseless against ghosts. As much for the exhaust options as for its own design. It is convenient to spend as little time as possible in them.

  • The lower zone and its four entrances
  • The tunnel (an escape route with no room for maneuver)
  • the two central corners that border the top of the labyrinth

It is very likely that the majority of eliminations will occur in these places. Keep it in mind.

3rd The advantage of the corners

Screenshot 4137

Ghosts tend to chase Pac-Man as soon as he crosses their path, but our hero has a mobility advantage over them: his ability to turn is much faster and, unless we are surrounded, that makes a difference when it comes to time. to escape.

T-shaped areas will give you some natural edge, so don’t stray too far from them. In addition, if we press the button at the right moment we will see how when we turn our pixelated comecocos it emits a kind of sparks or effect. Take advantage of it.

4th What are Pac-Man Blockers and how are they activated?

Screenshot 4138

In addition to the ghosts, throughout the labyrinths we will come across white Pac-Man silhouettes that will not kill us on contact, but will slow us down and become obstacles generating dangerous situations. These are the Pac-Man Blocker.

  • In essence, a Pac-Man Blocker it is an obstacle sent by the rest of the players. They are not lethal and you can eliminate them by consuming a Pac-Ball or through the appropriate Power Up. In addition, they disappear on contact although they slow us down. And that is dangerous.
  • In addition, when we pass the barrier of 50 active players, they will appear the red Pac-Man Blockers, and these are lethal. We must avoid them at all costs.

Although the number of Pac-Man Blockers on our screen will not depend on us, part of the victory will fall on the way we fill the screens of our enemies by eliminating ghosts in large numbers. However, as you will see just below, there is a risk to take into account.

5th The KO factor and how it affects your game

Screenshot 4135

There is a very special strategic nuance: the more enemies we have shot down in PAC-MAN 99, more Pac-Man Blockers we will send to our enemies. A kind of reward for taking an active role in the game and, at the same time, making the games more intense.

However, as you will see, there is a risk for the one with the most takedowns: through the Target Selection cross, the rest of the players will be able to balance the game by sending their obstacles to the Pac-Man with the highest takedown range. The idea is to have a decent takedown streak, but try not to become the target of the rest of Pac-Mans.

6th Any objective is good, except “Random”

Nswitchds Pacman99 02 1

There are four objective profiles, so we will have more or less control of the ghosts that we send to other players:

  • Replica– Will send obstacles to those who attack you.
  • Hunter: will send obstacles to those with the longest takedown streak (i.e. with the highest Pac-Man Blocker multiplier)
  • Demolition– Will send obstacles to those who are on the verge of losing the game. The best option at the beginning of the game.
  • Random: will send obstacles to any other player

We will have to adapt to the circumstances, so if we have the record of demolitions it is best to bet on the Replica objective, and if we are in the last turns, the knockdown option will come in handy. However there is one that we should not use: random. Strategy is essential to being the Pac-One.

7º Do not be in a hurry to go up from Ronda

Nswitchds Pacman99 01 1

Unlike Pac-Man classic, mazes are not reset in PAC-MAN 99 by consuming all the balls: once we consume the fruit in the center of the labyrinth we will go up the round and, consequently, the speed will increase.

While getting stuck dodging is a mistake (you’ll end up with a screen full of Pac-Man blockers) don’t be in a hurry to go up the rounds: you’ll speed up the movements of your ghosts and the chances of being eliminated.

8º If you don’t choose a special ability, nothing happens

Screenshot 4133

There are four special abilities in PAC-MAN 99 that we can choose and switch on the fly:

  • Stronger: doubles the amount of Pac-Man blockers you do, but reduces the effect of the Pac-balls to three seconds and also reduces your speed.
  • Velocity: doubles your speed, but drastically reduces the amount of Pa-Man blockers you send out.
  • Train: Duplicate the sleeping ghosts on the screen, but a blocker Pac-Man appears in your maze.
  • Standard: you get neither advantages nor disadvantages.

It is clear that the advantages obtained are balanced with harmful side effects, so it may be better not to use any improvement unless we are very clear that we can assume the disadvantage or we want to play everything for everything being among the last classified.

9th A strategy to follow: the pragmatic method

Screenshot 4140

Unlike other games of Pac-Man, on PAC-MAN 99 There is no time limit and the speed increases and ghost routines are generated by us. That said, we can establish a method with which to position ourselves very well among the top positions without complications.

  • As soon as we start, we stand in the vicinity of a Pac-ball and wait, without moving, for a ghost to approach us.
  • When that ghost comes to get us it’s very close, we use the Pac-Ball, we clean the maze a bit and we get close to another Pac-Ball before the effect is shaken.
  • The central idea is to use patience and that there is no time limit to extend our game as long as possible, taking advantage of the low speed of the first rounds. At the end of the day, Battle Royale is a survival game, not a point-scoring game.
  • Once the four Pac-Balls are used, we go for the fruit so that four more are generated and we repeat the whole process. By the time we complete the first cycle, several dozen players may have already been disqualified.

This method has several advantages. Starting off, we won’t send too many Pac-Man Blockers, with which we won’t receive too many of us via Replica or Hunter. In addition, most of the game we will be invulnerable or we will be one bite of being in the worst case.

Extra Ball: A Trick for the Classic Pac-Man: The Safe Zone

Screenshot 4136

Given the nature of PAC-MAN 99, we can run into Pac-Blockers and ghosts in all sections of the maze. However, in the classic Pac-Man there is a specific point where, if we are not followed by a ghost, we can position ourselves without taking damage.

The safe zone is located on the right ascent of the initial zone, just two turns from where the fruit usually appears. As a curiosity, the competitive players of Pac-Man they usually use it to rest for a while.

Bonus Phase: 4 Essential Tips and Common Mistakes

Nswitchds Pacman99 03

We close our review of the tips and tricks with four aspects to take into account.

  • Your priority is not to eliminate ghosts, but survive and attack the other players. Keep it in mind.
  • Based on the above, don’t go for the blue ghosts at the first opportunity – wait until there is a group large enough to unleash an impressive display of Pac-Man Blockers.
  • If you are going to use the Train ability, the first few rounds are the most recommended. As we said, it is not always a good idea to use a skill. However, the red blockers Pac-Man do not appear until there are 50 or fewer players left. Use this to your advantage.
  • Although each player has their own strategy, it is best to first use the Knockdown option to eliminate the greatest number of rivals when there are 99 games in play and, once the number of players is more limited, bet on Hunters if we are in handicap or Counterattack if we are the hunters.

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