A fan builds the Nintendo office in the 19th century to store his collection

Fabrice Holy, that’s the name of the man who has turned his garden into a point of interest and pilgrimage for every Nintendo fan. Holy it an outstanding collection of the Japanese company that already in 2012 was featured in the well-known BeforeMario blog. But since then his collection has done nothing but grow and he has had to remedy the lack of space by making a small expansion in his garden. And of course, is there a better way to safeguard a Nintendo-based collection than to do it in a building that is a replica of the company’s office in the 19th century? Our protagonist must have thought not, and that’s why he got down to work until he replicated the mythical building.

Fabrice Heilig, based in France, has managed to accumulate a truly impressive collection, to which in recent years has added the acquisition of the famous playing cards that Nintendo produced in its earliest times. This timelessness of the company and its historical journey have been reflected in the building that it has managed to build next to its residence. A project that originally was going to consist of adding a small room to the house, but that finally ended up in this madness of rebuilding the facade of the original offices of Mario’s house in the 19th century.

The whole process You can find it documented in the great BeforeMario blog. The original office building was demolished in 2004So Heilig has had to rely on archival photographs and the few items that have survived the test of time. The result, however, is spectacular, a recreation in detail that shows his good work also in the interior, meticulously prepared to house his beloved collection.

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