Oshi No Ko Chapter 131 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Oshi No Ko Chapter 131 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The superb manga source material for Oshi no Ko extends far beyond what has been shown so far on television.

Since April 23, 2020, creator Aka Akasaka as well as artist Mengo Yokoyari have provided a steady stream of manga chapter releases.

The impending publication of Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 caused a wave of anticipation among readers.

This Japanese manga, created by the gifted Aka Akasaka and brought to fruition by the artistic ingenuity of Mengo Yokoyari, has captivated a large fan base.

Oshi No Ko is a delectable experience for manga fans on account of its captivating narrative and intriguing characters.

This article is devoted to providing devoted supporters with a comprehensive update in the release of Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 and all pertinent information.

As of May 31st, Shueisha revealed that the manga Oshi no Ko by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari has a remarkable circulation of over 9 million copies.

However, the announcement made no mention of whether or not this remarkable number includes digital copies.

Approximately 4.5 million copies of the manga were in circulation in March, prior to the premiere of the television adaptation.

In less than a year following the premiere of the anime, the manga was able to double its circulation, which exceeded expectations.

Gorou, a devoted doctor and ardent idol fan, is absolutely flabbergasted when his favorite idol, Ai, suddenly announces a temporary hiatus.

Unbeknownst to Gorou, a strange and inexplicable connection that defies logic is about to intertwine their lives.

In this exceptional manga collaboration by Aka Akasaka or Mengo Yokoyari, lies become the ultimate weapon of idols, resulting in an outrageously captivating story.

Kana Arima then observed Ruby Hoshino’s fatigue and advised her to get sufficient rest.

Crow Girl visits Aqua in chapter 118 of Oshi no Ko, angering him by informing him that Ai is not going to reincarnate because her chapter has ended. Aqua maintains his commitment to avenge Ai.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 131 Release Date

The release of Chapter 131 of Oshi No Ko is scheduled for November 1, 2023. On this much-anticipated date, fans of this popular comic book series can anticipate the next chapter. In this thrilling section, the protagonists’ travels become increasingly intriguing.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 131 Trailer

Oshi No Ko Chapter 131 Plot

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In this episode, Aqua’s inappropriate behavior has offended every character. After being ridiculed for attempting to portray a decent character, the girl quits up and portrays a child actor.

Ruby and Aqua become companions again after discovering that Aqua Goro’s true name is Aqua.

Ichigo does not appear to want to reunite with her and appears to have moved on from their relationship. Although the discussion is brief, it has an enduring impact on the personalities of both participants.

Ruby once asked Goro to wed her, however he told her not to do so until she was 16 years old. This enhances Ruby’s personality. Ruby acknowledges with a grin that she is seventeen years old and prepared to take the next step.

She is evaluated on her newfound maturity during a difficult personal audition that lasts until late during night, but she ultimately passes. Although the discussion is brief, it has an enduring impact on the personalities of both participants.

The anime adaptation of Oshi no Ko began broadcasting recently and has become a phenomenon among fans, largely due to the manga’s gorgeous animation.

It has done an excellent job depicting the characters as well as is able to captivate the audience in its voice acting and appropriately measured plot.

The Oshi no Ko manga is miles ahead within terms of content, but a second season of the program is currently being planned due to its immense popularity. It is up to the audience to determine whether they favor the manga or anime adaptation of Oshi no Ko.

My Star or My Idol’s Child is the literal translation of the manga Oshi No Ko, which is an intense supernatural manga. It clarifies the meaning of the expression “all that glitters is not gold.”

Doctor Amamiya Gorou as well as hospital patient Tendouji Sarina are obsessed with the well-known idol Hoshino Ai and her virtually divine stage presence.

The situation becomes intriguing when the idol arrives at his rural hospital while expectant with twins. On the delivery date, Gorou was assassinated.

However, this does not imply that his existence is over; he and Tendouji are reincarnated as Ai’s offspring, Aquamarine and Ruby, with all of their mental faculties intact.

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