La Revolution Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Slaves will eventually be free, but the powerful will remain so anyway. Netflix’s historical horror thriller ‘La Revolution,’ which depicts the horrific battle between the aristocracy and the commoners, is based on this notion. Here, the release of a mysterious virus causes the elite’s blood to turn blue. The infected then take their frustrations out on the weak and defenseless.

Not for the faint of heart, ‘La Revolution’ features extensive violence, opulent residences, historical clothing, and numerous bloodbaths. If you’re into blood and time travel, however, you’ve probably already binged the entire first season. So, if you’re interested in the show’s trajectory, we’ve got you covered.

La Revolution Season 2 Release Date

The first season premiered on Netflix on October 16, 2020, and quickly became a fan favorite. It consisted of 8 episodes. About 35–45 minutes was the average length of an episode. Despite positive fan reception, the producers were never given word that the show would be renewed for a second season.

According to an interview with Damien Couvreur, the show is unlikely to be renewed for a second season despite its popularity with viewers and its accurate portrayal of its fascination with world history. Yes, that may cause some pain in our hearts, but we must never forget that the drama was very popular and that the creators’ feelings often shift when working on a long-running series like this. There’s always a potential that the fictional plot will take us back to an eighteenth-century French setting.

La Revolution Story

1787. Joseph Ignace Guillotin is tasked with solving murders in the midst of the Ancien Régime’s decadence. The existence of “blue blood” is then revealed to him. The upper class has been infected by a mysterious illness. The virus’s effects are disastrous, as affected nobility turn against the commoners and disrupt societal order. The uprising quickly became widespread, setting the stage for the French Revolution.

La Revolution Cast

  • Amir El Kacem – Joseph Ignace Guillotin
  • Marilou Aussilloux – Élise de Montargis
  • Doudou Masta – Oka
  • Amélia Lacquemant – Madeleine
  • Lionel Erdogan – Albert Guillotin
  • Julien Frison – Donatien de Montargis
  • Coline Béal – Ophélie
  • Isabel Aimé González-Sola – Katell
  • Laurent Lucas – Charles de Montargis
  • Dimitri Storoge – Edmond de Pérouse
  • Gaia Weiss – Marianne
  • Ian Turiak – Louis XVI
  • Geoffrey Carlassare – Donatien’s disciple

La Revolution Season 1 Recap

The stage for the revolution is laid in the opening episode. The story begins with the death of a young woman named Rebecca, whose passing spreads the legend of a traveling cannibal. In the midst of this action, series protagonists Elise and Joseph make their first appearance. Joseph is a doctor caring for Oak, a man accused of Rebecca’s murder who is convinced of his innocence, and Elise is a noble who foresees impending social upheaval and tries to warn people about it.

Joseph continues to break the law as he investigates Rebecca’s death and learns more about the secret society to which she belonged and the possible source of the blue blood sickness. In the midst of everything that’s happening, we also learn that Joseph assisted Oak in escaping from prison and certain death. By the season’s midway, everyone is well aware of blue blood disease, and Elsie has formed an alliance between the nobility and the poor in an effort to contain it.

By the conclusion of the season, we find Madeleine playing hide-and-seek with one of the blood nobles, only to have Ophelia come just in time to sever the noble’s head. After Elise’s death and the conclusion of the season on a cliffhanger, Madeleine soon displays her abilities at the end of the show, which is out of place.

La Revolution Season 2 Plot

We haven’t heard anything about season 2 yet, but hopefully, by then we’ll have some answers about Madeleine’s mysterious abilities. The fate of Elise, if she is indeed deceased, is another mystery we must solve. As the revolution continues its march through time, we might also see the discovery of a treatment for the blue blood sickness. Joseph will also have a significant role in the show.

La Revolution Season 2 Trailer

We haven’t seen a Season 2 trailer because the producers haven’t confirmed the show would return. You can catch up on the first season on Netflix or view the trailer on YouTube till then if you haven’t already.

La Revolution Season 1 Review

Even though it’s set in the year 1789, the show’s opening scene is among the best we’ve seen all year. A bloodied horse gallops through the empty streets of Paris in the dead of winter. Seeing a scared guy trying to flee, a young warrior dismounts and cuts off his head. Blue blood spurts from his neck as he collapses to the floor.

This establishes the tone for the rest of the eight episodes of the revised drama, in which blue blood plays a significant role. While Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the outstanding Korean series Kingdom are both set in other histories, this program is more in the vein of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

La Revolution is not the film to watch if you want to learn the truth about the French Revolution. The show’s premise—a viral outbreak/vampire hybrid—is told through the lens of the French Revolution. It’s interesting and funny, but it’ll probably annoy some people if it ends up in their Netflix queue, especially if those folks are history nerds.

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