The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Promise of Chang’an season 2 is a Chinese historical romance dramatic television series directed by Yin Tao and written by Cheng Tingyu and Liu Fang. These Chinese series are produced by Fang Fang, Jiang Lei, Jiang Lei, and Zhong Junyan.

His story takes place in the made-up nation of Sheng. Lan Ming Yu is an upright and intelligent young woman.

By coincidence, she meets the ninth prince, Xiao Cheng Xu, during her youth. The two get together well and cultivate affections for one another over time.

Ming Yu is compelled to marry Cheng Xu’s third elder sibling and reigning monarch, Xiao Cheng Rui, as rumors circulate that Cheng Xu was killed on the battlefield.

Cheng Xu assists Cheng Rui in establishing a great and stable nation by continually achieving great victories on the battlefield, yet Cheng Rui is envious of his outstanding junior sibling.

Cheng Xu plans to take over the throne in order to exact vengeance upon those responsible for the death of his mother.

The upcoming Chinese drama series “The Promise of Chang’an” stars Sarah Zhao, Han Dong, Han Cheng Yu, and Cheng Yi.

It was written and directed by Yin Tao, Liu Fang, and Li Hui-Min. “The Promise of Changan” aired 56 episodes on Tencent Video.

The series premiered on Tencent’s Chinese video streaming website Tencent Video. In addition to Tencent, the series is available on LiTV, iQIYI Taiwan, and Line TV streaming services.

If the producers decide to release a second season, that may be accessible on the same platforms as the first season.

The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Release Date

The filming of The Promise of Chang’an began in September 2018, concluded on January 15, 2019, and is scheduled to premiere on September 10, 2020.

The official release date to this Chinese television series has not yet been announced. Even though both critics and viewers praised the series, its creators must still decide whether to renew it.

The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Cast

Cheng Yi plays the role of Xiao Cheng Xu in The Promise of Chang’an, while Yu Han Dong plays the role of King Xiao Cheng Rui, Vicky Liang plays the role of Ling Xun Er, Xuan Zhao Dong plays the role of Xiao Qi Yuan, and Ze plays the role of Xiao Qi Yuan.

Aaron Xue portrayed Xiao Qi Rong, Crystal Huang portrayed Su Yu Ying, Zhao Ying Zi or Sarah Zhao portrayed He Lan Ming, Han Cheng Yu portrayed Xiao Qi Han, Yang Chao Yue portrayed Dong Ruo, Fu Fang Jun portrayed Xiao Cheng, Wu Jing Jing portrayed Helen Yun Qi, and Wang Jin Song portrayed Xiao Shang Yuan.

The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Trailer

The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Plot

The program depicts the good and terrible times of the Great Sheng Kingdom, beginning with its rise to prominence during the reign in Helan Mingyu, Empress Dowager Xianzhen, and continuing until its fall.

Mingyu, portrayed by Zhao Yingzi, is a carefree, sincere, brilliant, and naive young woman who meets the 9th Prince, Xiao Chengxu, by chance.

The two become close companions and acquire affections for one another over time. Chengxu constantly devised military plans to assist his brother in becoming emperor and establishing the Great Shang Kingdom.

But things shift when Chengxu’s younger brother Chengxuan’s survival becomes reliant upon Mingyu, leaving her with no other choice but to marry Chengxu’s third brother Xiao Chengrui.

This occurs when false rumors of Chengxu’s death and imprisonment in the inhumane Harem lifestyle proliferate throughout the kingdom.

Chengxu resolves to assume the throne in retaliation for the murder of his mother, whose perpetrators are soon exposed.

Chengrui orders his son Qiyuan to ascend the throne in order that Chengxu can be confined to it prior to his death from an abrupt onset of an old illness.

After learning of his uncle’s adultery with his mother, Qiyuan becomes increasingly agitated that Chengxu dominates him and despises him.

Mingyu, the empress of Dowager Xianzhen, becomes caught between the desires and requirements of her people, who assume precedence over her own desires.

Eventually, she must employ her intelligence to restore harmony to her favored person or the nation.

Chengxu perishes in battle while defending Qiyuan, and Qiyuan perishes alongside his beloved wife.

For the sake of Great Sheng’s future, Mingyu must abandon everything else and accompany her surviving grandson to the throne.

The series has the ideal combination of romance, action, emotions, or drama, making it a must-see for everyone.

Despite the fact that such programs are less popular than they once were, there are many things to look forward to during the series.

Prince Chengxu is compelled to assist Prince Qiyuan until he attains maturation, while also attempting to mend his relationship via Princess Mingyu.

As time progressed, Prince Qiyuan grew dissatisfied with Prince Chengxu’s dominance and grew to despise him after learning of his adultery with his mother.

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