Who Were We Running From Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, And More Updates

The Turkish drama’s popularity skyrocketed after it was made available on Netflix. In this crime, mystery, and thriller drama, a mysterious lady and her little daughter are at the center of the action. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Perihan Magden. The Turkish title is Biz Kimden Kaçyorduk Anne. Netflix has done a fantastic job of streaming this series, as seen by the show’s ascent up the streaming service’s charts. There are seven episodes in the first season, and the audience has already seen them all.

Even without heavy promotion, this Turkish thriller drama is steadily gaining viewers, who are understandably eager for the second season to premiere after the shocking conclusion of the first. But let’s keep talking about the question, “Who Were We Running From?” Second year.

Who Were We Running From Season 2 Renewal Status

The future of a sequel is currently unknown. Netflix has said nothing about the show’s future. The television series has only just premiered, so there’s no cause for alarm just yet. Netflix typically takes a while to make a choice. Instead, the streaming giant watches to see how many people are watching a given episode at any given time. They do this before making any final decisions about renewal or termination. On average, Netflix takes around a month to announce its verdict. The number of views is more important than sincerity.

If Netflix gets a lot of views in the first season, they are more likely to order more. Netflix takes into account a number of factors, such as critical acclaim and production costs, before determining what to do with a series. However, time spent watching remains the most important factor. However, we would not characterize the likelihood as high. The reason is that the first season ends in a way that is final. The storyline, in other words, is finished.

A second season might center on Bambi alone if she continues to be the sole one on the run. Also, if a second season were made, the writers wouldn’t have any trouble thinking up new storylines.

Who Were We Running From Season 2 Release Date

It’s not surprising that Netflix hasn’t announced a second season just yet. The first season hasn’t been out sufficiently long for the streaming service to determine how popular the show is. The bosses at Netflix also seem to like canceling shows frequently. That doesn’t imply, though, that Who Were We Running From? is finished. If the show does come back, we won’t get any new episodes until at least the spring of 2024.

Who Were We Running From Cast

Melisa Sözen as Mother
Eylül Tumbar as Bambi
Victoria Grace
Musa Uzunlar
Birand Tunca
Basak Dasman
Emre Unal
Devrim Kabacaoglu

Who Were We Running From Season 2 Plot

The final episode begins with Bambi’s mom and dad (after seven episodes) being chased by the law. In her desperation, the mother plans one last theft. However, things in the jewelry business continue to deteriorate. Mother and Bambi are seriously wounded, and they don’t get very far before the cops find them and open fire. Mother is killed, but Bambi is able to escape. Thus, the second season would have to go without Melisa Sözen. As a result, her daughter will be featured more prominently in the series. Bambi picked up a lot of wisdom from her mom throughout their time together.

Furthermore, it will be essential if she intends to survive through a potential second season. We wouldn’t be surprised if Bambi’s mom was replaced by another criminal. Bambi may switch roles and become the mentor if it were someone younger than her.

Where can I watch Who were we running from?

We all know how frustrated you are probably knowing the status of Season 2 and hoping for even the smallest bit of good news to brighten your day. Now, if you’re here because you’re curious as to when and where you can watch the show, you might be relieved to learn that it will be accessible via Netflix beginning March 24th, 2023.

Who Were We Running From Season 1 Review

Dramas in which female protagonists engage in criminal activity This author has already been persuaded by the idea. Female anger is rarely seen on screen, so it should be refreshing to witness a female that is unafraid to cause mayhem and hold her own. It’s bittersweet, though, because we know the mother and daughter are on the run and trying to blend in as much as possible.

The series’ lack of subtlety and a slew of other practical problems leave viewers cold and the scenes unappealing. In addition, the show is organized in such a chaotic way that by the end, viewers had forgotten what the idea was. Some major plot gaps exist, and neither the story nor the cliffhangers are resolved to the reader’s satisfaction. The series concludes on a note that provides no resolution and generates zero appetites for the next installment.

The acting and writing, though, are the show’s saving graces. Each character’s language is written with care, and the actors do a fantastic job bringing it to life. The characters are very well-crafted and written. They are able to develop and alter over the year because of their unique personalities, which are rooted in formative childhood events.

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