One Punch Man: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tatsumaki

The public of anime has gotten smart enough that there are a growing number of subversive series that deconstruct the genre: One Punch Man it is one of the best and most ridiculous examples.

The ONE series exists in an exaggerated world where monsters and heroes run rampant, but the protagonist of the series is someone who is actively frustrated and bored by how powerful he has become.

One Punch Man is a fun take on standard shonen basics and features an eclectic cast that’s even more interesting than Saitama at times. Following, The Truth News She shares ten curiosities that you should know about her.

10 – Tatsumaki is only weaker than Blast

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S-Class heroes represent the best and the best-equipped characters to defeat the grave threats that plague the world. Tatsumaki He is not just an S-Class hero, he is a rank 2 hero, which means that he is truly one of the most valuable and competent members of the Hero Association. Only the mysterious Blast is above her.

9 – What is the relationship of Tatsumaki and Fubuki?

Saitama is someone who forges his own family of friends, but Tatsumaki has a younger sister, Fubuki, who is often his priority. The Esper lets her softer side be around Fubuki, which highlights a very different version of the character, as she is normally irritable with most people.

8 – One Punch Man’s Most Powerful Esper

Tatsumaki’s psychic abilities surpass the notorious Geryuganshoop and his abilities have psychically stopped an attack from Boros’ spaceship. Furthermore, he has been able to lift the entire underground base of the Monster Association to the surface. Tatsumaki is easily someone who can do legitimate harm to the planet.

7 – Tatsumaki’s parents sold her

Tatsumaki’s past in One Punch Man

The characters in One Punch Man come from a wide range of backgrounds. Tatsumaki has had intense psychic powers since she was a child, prompting her adoptive parents to sell her at age 7 to scientists who proceeded to experiment on her.

Tatsumaki has a horrible adolescence in captivity where the development of her powers makes her feel increasingly at risk. Blast rescues her during a monster outbreak, but remains resentful of anything that reminds her of her dark childhood, especially monsters that bring children into the equation.

6 – What is Tatsumaki’s nickname?

Tatsumaki’s nickname is Tornado of Terror, yet it is one of the most intimidating titles – the Hero Association specifically tries to cultivate this image in her. In fact, they hope that she will add “Terror” to her name to better reflect her devastating power.

5 – Tatsumaki’s rating as a hero

The hero rating is determined with a maximum weight of 80 points; There are eight categories that include intelligence, stamina, power, popularity, etc. Tatsumaki is located in the psychic division and her total score is 65, with perfect or near perfect grades in most categories.

Stamina is his weakest area, where he only gets a five, but that’s understandable considering the cost his psychic powers take on his body. Not for nothing is one of the characters in anime Most requested in Dragon Level missions.

4 – Tatsumaki is stronger than Mob Psycho 100

Así luce Tatsumaki en el manga (ONE –Yusuke Murata)

Creator ONE has gone one step further and weighed in on the issue, saying that Tatsumaki is basically a Esper stronger than Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100, which is pretty impressive. However, ONE has also clarified that if Mob unleashes his full power, then he could be a match for anyone.

3 – Tatsumaki is of French descent

El mangaka de One Punch Man, Yusuke Murata, says that he sees Tatsumaki and his sister, Fubuki, as characters of French descent. This fact isn’t exactly canon, but since it’s been incorporated into Murata’s artwork, it could eventually come into play.

2 – How old is Tatsumaki?

Many of One Punch Man’s heroes can feel more like stereotypes than real people, so applying an age value to them almost seems impractical. Tatsumaki is an interesting exception because he is 28 years old and the characters often assume that she is younger, even younger than her 23-year-old sister, Fubuki.

1 – Tatsumaki’s biggest fear in the anime

There is an audiobook installment of One Punch Man, in which Tatsumaki mistakes Saitama for a ghost. His powers don’t seem to work on Saitama, which gives him the idea that ghosts resist his powers. This turns into a phobia of ghosts.

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