DC’s “Titans”: Brenton Thwaites Reveal About The New Nightwing Costume

We have known for some time that in the current second season of “Titans”, Dick Grayson would assume his Nightwing identity in the comics. Something that the actor Brenton Thwaites himself said months ago. So this does confirm even more these days with the filtration of materials from the set.

Titans Robin Netflix
Titans Robin DC

Speaking in a new interview, the actor has talked about the new suit that looks under this new identity. He also talks about how it affects the development of the character.

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It is easier to change, it is more flexible, it is more imposing, and I think that adds to the kind of feeling I have when I put it on. So that becomes my character. That is to assume his confidence, his leadership, and his strengths. It feels awesome, and that’s all I can ask for a suit.

Thwaites compared and contrasted the Nightwing suit with the previous one he wore as Robin:

It seems to me that Nightwing’s costume is easier to get into the character. Robin’s, perhaps because there were so many pieces, so many elements of him, that one covers himself too emotionally.

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I don’t know if that’s…Yes, I don’t know. Maybe we should try to analyze this, but the Nightwing suit, although it covers me, seems quite revealing. I think that is a good thing for Dick Grayson at that point in the story where he has found who he is and is revealing to the people.

It has not yet been said in which episode Nightwing will debut as such. This Friday’s episode is focused on Deathstroke and keeping the promise he made. So the next one will focus on Conner Kent’s debut.

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