Daredevil’s Costume is Totally Inspired By The Comics

Instagram, As we know, is now the social media of excellence. But you can imagine the surprise of the actor Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock / Daredevil).

Daredevil's Costume
Daredevil’s Costume

When he saw the photo that showed him in a new costume, flaming red and entirely inspired by the comics of Stan Lee. You can get the rest assured: The Red Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has certainly not been softened.

The concept of Netflix for Murdock’s costume had a very specific purpose. It is to make Daredevil’s character recognizable everywhere. Hence the choice to darken red (almost to anticipate the blood we would see in the series) and to accentuate the relief “DD” on the chest of the superhero.

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The photo That did publish on Instagram was an edit of a Fan. Fan seems to prefer a more classic Daredevil to the dark Defender conceived by the platform. The suit is perfectly shaped and bright red.

You can’t miss the fearsome whip, wrapped in coils around the superhero. The image is powerful and seems to screech with the setting, nothing but Murdock’s apartment. But It perfectly renders the idea of ​​fearless man always ready to take action.

Unfortunately, seeing Cox in the role of Murdock is now a faint hope after the failed renewal of Daredevil. The same Vincent D’Onofrio is opposing. After the auction of the Red Devil’s stage costume, It is even less likely. Fans of the series still harshly criticize this risky choice. But it seems that the entertainment giant does not want to learn to reverse the course. Perhaps also due to the upcoming release of Disney + which will debut on November 12, 2019.

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