Boruto: is the bond between the Seventh Hokage and Kawaki destined to solidify? let’s talk about

After bringing viewers to learn about the Kara Organization and the true nature of Jigen’s Vessel, the anime of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations he is now immersing himself in a new narrative arc that will be completely centered on the figure of the young Kawaki.

As announced by the director of the series, episode 193 of Boruto is back to faithfully adapt the manga. This means that Kawaki has finally arrived in Konoha under the custody of the Seventh Hokage.

After sowing panic in the streets of Ryutan with her attempted escape, Kara’s Vessel was taken to the Leaf Village by Naruto, a move that was strongly advised against by his adviser Shikamaru.

And at first glance the Hokage’s shoulder tip appears to be correct. As soon as he arrives in the narrow streets of the village, Kawaki tries a new escape. However, this time his pursuer is none other than the Hokage himself, who with the multiplication of the body leaves him no respite. Realizing that he has no chance to escape, Kawaki throws in the towel; now he is under Naruto’s wing. An event that, in a certain sense, recalls the childhood of Uzumaki himself, who continually escaped from the custody of the Third Hokage.

Understanding the difficult situation where Kawaki is, and remembering his difficult youth, Naruto intends to help him as much as possible, just as his masters did with him. Will he be able to create a solid bond in the future? Part of the first meeting between Naruto and Kawaki has been removed, Boruto fans are enraged.

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